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#1 Posted : Sunday, August 11, 2019 2:39:00 PM(UTC)
I'm flying to edinburgh because my son loves fh4 so much he wants to see all the sights he's raced around.

I've never been so I don't know how authentic the recreations are. I don't remember ambleside looking like it did in the game nor Coober Pedy when I was in Aus.

I wondered what peoples thoughts were and whether fh4 had tempted you to visit any of the places.

Also on the bucket list is Nice from fh2.
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#2 Posted : Monday, August 12, 2019 2:57:21 AM(UTC)
The centre of Edinburgh around the castle, Old Town & New Town is fairly accurate, the further out you get the more roads aren't quite where they're supposed to be. Arthur's seat looks pretty good too.

This gives you an idea of where things start to divert from reality:
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#3 Posted : Monday, August 12, 2019 5:27:38 AM(UTC)
Bear in mind that Horizon 4 is based on the UK as a whole and that it's not to scale.

That having been said, there's definitely some parts of the map that will bear striking similarity to the real-world locations. For example, the Royal Mile (which leads up to Edinburgh Castle) is fairly accurate, as are the gardens and parks around about it. The high speed straight which runs through the in-game city is Princes Street in real life and you'll recognise it immediately when you visit the area. A lot of the side roads that turn off of this road are also accurate, as is the location of Waverley Station. As State Puppet's mentioned above, Arthur's Seat is pretty good too and is also very close to Edinburgh so you'll definitely be able to visit it.

Just don't expect to drive for 3 minutes and arrive at Glenfinnan Viaduct ha ha.

3 things to try though when you visit Edinburgh (to make sure you get the proper experience):

1. A Gregg's sausage roll or scotch pie. (In fact, get one of each and go half'ers with your son).
2. Irn Bru. It's Scotland's national soft drink.
3. A good bit of Edinburgh rock. It's a sugary sweet that crumbles as you bite into it.

There's also plenty of whisky experiences to be had, particularly on the Royal Mile, but these might not be on the agenda if you're travelling with your son.

As for Horizon 2, one place you may want to visit is Positano, located on the picturesque Amalfi Coast. It's the real-world version of Castelleto, which was the starting point for the Horizon 2 narrative. The main difference is that Forza opened up a lot of the pedestrianised zones in the town and made them roads but other than that it's pretty spot on. I drove there myself a few years ago on a mock "Horizon 2 road trip" and was amazed at just how close the real world location felt to the in-game version. I was even able to get photos of my car outside the same landmarks although I've unfortunately misplaced the photos.

3 bits of advice that I'd give for that trip though:

1. Again, the in-game map is not to scale. It's a fair distance from Positano to Nice and the Amalfi Coast is a slow (but picturesque) road. It's well worth the trip but factor in enough time to enjoy things at a slower pace.
2. The roads are incredibly tight. If you're looking to re-create your own Horizon style road trip then it might be tempting to hire something fancy but on the Amalfi coast you'll want something compact and cheap. I drove there in my own 2012 MINI and there were times when I was genuinely expecting to lose a wing mirror to buses and coaches coming in the opposite direction. Something like a Fiat 500 would be great fun and would feel right at home on those tight little Italian roads.
3. If you're going to Nice, it's worth travelling a little further to the town of Grasse where you can pick up the Route Napoleon to the town of Sisteron (another Horizon 2 in-game location). It's one of Europe's best known driving roads and well worth it if you're travelling to that part of the world.

Hope the above all helps!
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#4 Posted : Wednesday, August 14, 2019 11:23:31 AM(UTC)
A pint of 'heavy' would help too...😎
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#5 Posted : Thursday, August 15, 2019 4:18:23 AM(UTC)
the ruin that the festival site is built around is Kenilworth castle, i live just up the road and go there often.

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#6 Posted : Saturday, August 17, 2019 11:18:02 AM(UTC)
The road into Ambleside from Tarn Hows, along the lake have a slight resemblance to this junction - Waterhead Pier

One of the cut-throughs, again in Ambleside, have a slight resemblance to here - Broadgate, Grasmere
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#7 Posted : Sunday, August 18, 2019 12:44:41 PM(UTC)
Yes, I've been to all of the places named after real places and even the "Great Ridge" which is based on Roseberry Topping that I can see from my house, the last place I was at was Bamburgh Castle.