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Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Friday, August 9, 2019 8:15:46 PM(UTC)
The owner and I have done ten ranked team adventures and our team is still unranked. What other criteria needs to be satisfied for our team to be ranked?
Rank: C-Class Racing License
#2 Posted : Wednesday, August 14, 2019 10:44:51 PM(UTC)
is it team or club as these 2 things are totally independent from each other
club tag is what shows next to names most of the time team tag only appears team events
I believe you have to get to level 3 horizon life for adventure type in unranked mode then complete 10 ranked events to qualify in convoy
I suspect even if all that criteria is met 2 players probably does qualify as a team could have to be 6 just guessing on this though.
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looking for mature ongoing players with mic to join team #AOS