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#1626 Posted : Saturday, August 3, 2019 2:03:32 AM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: nght5tlkr Go to Quoted Post
Greetings all.

Player from 1st gen Forza Motorsport here.

Having only recently started Ranked Adventure, I noticed many players all using the same car in each series where at least 60% are the same and a smattering of others make up the rest of the race lobby. Is this intentional?

Another thing I've noticed is the amount of players intentionally pushing players off course or into obstacles. Is this the norm in ranked?

Welcome to FH4!

First point is related to few cars being over performing, tracktor/boneshaker/... compared to their respective class. these are not only the best cars of their class, these are literally ways more effective than the others ( just a look at the rivals will confirm it )

Second comes from FH4 is not promoting any clean racing, all that count is the finish line, thus an excellent FH4 ranked racer is also an excellent rammer. There was a tentative to lower this by penalties on hitting walls and ghosting when other player was pushing you but these improvements were reduced because it was not fun enough and poor players complained it was too difficult. To make it Krystal clear , Ranked has nothing to do best racers leader board.

Here you are, if you want acceptable/good online, you need to find a club of clean racers and use custom championships.

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Neo open your mind, you are just a drivatar
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#1627 Posted : Saturday, August 3, 2019 10:31:47 PM(UTC)
The Problem I have with the FFA ranked is there seems to be no consistency on scoring and how you fare over the 3 - 5 races. I can end a championship in third - and go up 3 points, finish the next championship in 5th and go down 20. I'm level 12 but it seems to me that i'll be racing for an eternity to get to 11 and beyond,

and that's before you throw in rammers, and OP cars and the like. I'm not going to start on that

How does the scoring work and can it be simplified for the general ranked public to understand?

Also can we race different tracks. most championships seem to run a repeating cycle, isn't there like 30 different tracks in the game for each class to randomise from?
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#1628 Posted : Sunday, August 4, 2019 9:03:51 AM(UTC)
They definitely need to add restrictions to ranked adventures, because the awd swaps are everythere and i'm completely tired of that, becase it's like rwd or fwd are not existing in this game.
Additionally i want tyres type restrictions, so if it's offroad or cross you need a dirt tyres, if it's road you need normal tyres without any chance to boost your start with drag tyres or anything else.
If you don't like that, just go to unranked adventures, where anybody can do what they want.
Why nobody think about it? It's a shame, because it's a fourth game, the third with adventures and still we have the same "anybody doing they want" mess.
I'm not talking about competitive side of racing, i just want the racing, the process to be more interesting and diverse, but all i can see is just awd swaps with insane downloaded tuning everythere.

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#1629 Posted : Friday, August 9, 2019 7:35:28 PM(UTC)
One major thing that needs to be addressed is the points system for ranks in Ranked Team Adventure. I don't know if it's just me that's having this issue but, when winning a race I gain anywhere from 20-50 points and when I lose a race I lose around 70-100 points. I tend to finish almost every race in a high position. This system is so flawed because losing one game requires you to win anywhere from 2-5 races just to replenish the points lost from 1 race.

The point range that I said are not outliers/uncommon, I consistently get the number of points stated for winning and losing
If this makes any difference I'm currently rank 15 in Team Adventure
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#1630 Posted : Saturday, August 17, 2019 4:38:04 PM(UTC)
A suggestion for online adventure mode: In the street racing championship, you could put an elimination race mode into the category. Like all other racing modes, street racing does not have a second competition mode.
it would be grossly like this: in the first minute, the race would be normal (with the initial 30 seconds ghost) for grid formation. Then every 30 seconds it would eliminate the last rider from the grid until only 1 competitor remains.

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