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#1 Posted : Monday, July 15, 2019 6:26:26 PM(UTC)
How are places like Sevensins Gaming Community allowed to advertise Modded Game Saves for this game and many other Xbox Titles and nothing be done? Seriously if someone on PC can download someone elses game save and trick the game into giving them a full garage of rare cars and then use Autosnipers and Macros in the Auction House to manipulate the price of cars. Something seriously needs to be addressed here because the price of cars are going up and up and I dont glitch or cheat to make millions so why should I be forced to pay 20 Million a Car? Id rather PC and Xbox use different Auction Houses. Hell if they cant play fair why are they allowed to play? Also sue the people that are advertising this stuff and ruining your game because it looks like you dont care. From what ive read people have been bragging/streaming/sharing modded game files and those people need Permanent Hardware Bans from all Forza and or Microsoft games going forward. How hard would it really be for you guys to look at one of these files and see that good ol Joe Blow is screwing up your game and take the needed steps to stop this unless you arent interested in stopping it? Just my 2 cents. Sorry I dont have the 20 mil needed.
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#2 Posted : Tuesday, July 16, 2019 6:17:57 AM(UTC)
blah blah blah salty because I am bad at the game blah blah blame 'cheaters' for all your problems
ect ect

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#3 Posted : Tuesday, July 16, 2019 7:51:24 AM(UTC)
Thats not the case at all. Im clearly waaaay better than you and been playing way longer to care apparently. I love how your Gamertag has 0 Gamerscore. Afraid to post on your modded account? If they are going to let people Exploit the Auction House just disable it and make all cars purchasable or obtainable. Maybe give the people who havent cheated or do "Goliath" blueprints that take 2 min and give millions of credits a Special Edition Car like Steam gave people who didnt cheat in TF2 the Cheaters Lament. Your not good because you downloaded someones level 600 account with all the cars. Sorry.

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#4 Posted : Tuesday, July 16, 2019 4:58:32 PM(UTC)
I fully agree with you on this..!

Been a long time player of Forza and have worked hard to get my Status, Cars, Tunes etc..

I spend hours tuning a car to compete in races and also hours doing all the challenges to unlock cars and more so hours trying to grab a rare car from the AH. Then compete in the PR leaderboards and Rivals. All for no real reason.


Cause some newbie downloaded a modded save, loads up the game and has all the money, cars and potentially more so they can 'look good' to their family and friends.

I'm also witnessing more usage of a certain software even in 'online races' where you get the feel almost immediately something doesn't feel right.

Proper players aren't stupid, we know when a newbie has a rare car that was only available 8 months ago modded to the hills, that you are more than likely a 'CHEAT'..! We are also getting used to those same names appearing over and over again in the AH selling 10's of rare cars every day that you are a 'CHEAT'.

OP as said I'm with you on this 100%, if real players can tell the difference between players who are cheating, it should be simplye even for the Devs to spot them.

A save file like this should contain a unique code or hashtag, that is assigned to the Username, that way only that user can load said file, trying to load it on another account would simply corrupt it and or reloading it multiple times.


Game checks against username, checks if file is signed, checks if files been previously opened. If any flag as unknown or modified, file is then corrupt.

Same with the damn software used to inject, the file should be constantly checked for authentication, if game detects 3rd party software such as 'cheat engine or the damn trainer' running in the background, then it corrupt the users data, no chances given thus all data is destroyed forcing that user to start from scratch.

Prevention is better than cure, but obvious signs of punishment is also required to prevent anyone from even attempting to mod the game, failing to acknowledge the issue and make the community aware that action is and will be taken allows these people to believe there is no consequence for their behaviour hence the increase of 'fake' accounts around.

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