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#26 Posted : Thursday, July 11, 2019 4:29:23 AM(UTC)
Question: Can you give us an update on the status of improving car sounds/audio in FM8 and going forward?

I know I speak for many of us when I say that car audio has seemed a bit more "hit and miss" lately and that this is a really big part of where Forza has always shined! In fact it's the number one reason I play.

I know there are a lot of cars, but I think the time should be taken to carefully go back through each car one by one and either modernize/update the sound or even revert back to older versions that sounded much better (ie. Skyline/RB26 in FM6, certain cars in FH2/3 etc).
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#27 Posted : Sunday, July 21, 2019 12:11:07 PM(UTC)

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#28 Posted : Sunday, July 21, 2019 2:31:34 PM(UTC)
With regard to any future Forza Horizon game...
1. Will the ability to switch vehicles at the beginning of races, to include when you restart a race, be added back to the Horizon game? Currently, you're stuck using whatever car you initially choose, unless you quit that race. Previous FM/FH games had this ability.
2. Will the ability to add parts to your car before starting a race be added to the game?
3. Will the ability to save tune setups made before starting races be added to the game?
4. Will the ability to tune turbos (boost pressure on race turbos) be added to the game?
5. Will the ability to choose the number of gears for race transmissions be added to the game?
6. Will the ability to create masks from manufacturer decals be added to the game?
7. Will lightning and thunderstorms ever be added to the mainland?
8. Will the ability to raise or lower convertible tops on cars be added to the game? This could be done as a parts purchase in the garage. I believe a previous FM game did this automatically for certain cars.
9. Will the ability to obtain duplicate clothes be removed from the game? Currently, you can receive multiple copies of the same gear through wheelspins, yet you receive no benefit, only the loss of a wheelspin.
10. Will there be a more objective method for determining car auction min/max sale amounts be added to the game?
11. Will the ability to sell back vehicles to the game be added back to the game?
12. Will the ability to see most recent photos be added back to the game? The current process for viewing photos by others is very subjective; only selected photos are made readily available for the general public without having to search for specific gamertags.
13. Will more options for engines to put in cars become available? No self-respecting Ford Mustang should sound like a Ferrari.
14. I have joined over a dozen Forzathon sessions where everyone else has left the session, leaving me to complete each round by myself. I'm sure they still received Forzathon Points for my work, eventhough they gave up, left the scene, or just sat there watching me. Will there be better control of this in the future since you determine who (how many) enters each session, or at least, will it be easier to reach the goals for each round based on the number of participants? The 5 and 10 minute warnings seem to appear much sooner when it looks like there's no chance for the participants to complete those rounds.
15. Will every future FH game be programmed such that cars that should have no Earthly reason to drift still prefer to drift by themselves, with no specific tuning?
16. Will the ability for teams to share cars via Car Club Garages be added back to the game?
17. Since certain cars can only be acquired by completing special events such as co-op racing, online events, seasonal challenges, etc., will the ability to go back and complete prior season races be added to the game?
18. Will there be clearer explanations added to the Star Card and My Horizon Life so that you'll know exactly what you have to do to gain experience or move up to the next level, especially since no instructions come with the games anymore?
19. Will benchmarks be made available in the Auction House?
20. Will the ability to truly shut off music ever be added to the game? Per the game settings, this should be available now, but it only seems to work sometimes, and not for all screens.
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