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#1 Posted : Tuesday, June 18, 2019 12:44:28 AM(UTC)

The first Citroen in history (Type A) was launched in Paris in June 1919. To celebrate this anniversary, Citroen creates the event in the 15th arrondissement of Paris, where it all began. A few meters from the front of the Seine, where the famous factory Javel stood, a street of Paris will be transformed into a night to surprise passersby in the early morning. Over 400 meters long rue Linois, 100 cars and vans representative of 100 years of the brand will be staged for the greatest pleasure of all.

Type A, the beginning of a journey.
Citroen born Parix XV type A 01 by Benoit Patelout, sur Flickr

Traction, inseparable from the WW2 where she was in turn a symbol of the Gestapo and the French Resistance.
Citroen born Parix XV Traction 02 by Benoit Patelout, sur Flickr

2CV (nickname Deuche ou Deudeuche), the most produced Citroën, icon of classic France with foreigners as well as the baguette and the Eiffel Tower.
Citroen born Parix XV 2CV 01 by Benoit Patelout, sur Flickr

DS, if we were to retain only one, no doubt it would be her. Arrived third at the Car of the Century (COTC) international price in 1999, behind the Ford T and the Mini ... and in front of the VW Beetle and the Porsche 911. Everything is said.
Citroen born Parix XV DS 04 by Benoit Patelout, sur Flickr

SM and its V6 engine from Maserati (also fitted to the Maserati Merak).
Citroen born Parix XV SM 03 by Benoit Patelout, sur Flickr

ZX rally-raid that dominated in his day (5 World title of Cross-Country Rallies and 4 times winner of Dakar), drove by nothing than Ari Vatanen and Pierre Lartigue.
Citroen born Parix XV ZX rallye-raid 01 by Benoit Patelout, sur Flickr

GT by Citroën made in collaboration with ... Polyphony Digital for Gran Turismo in 2008 ... a concept that we will never see in Forza :-/ (to see if there is still an exclusivity after 10 years ).
Citroen born Parix XV GT by Citroen 05 by Benoit Patelout, sur Flickr

The complete album :

Turn 10 and Dan Greenawalt, only one question : when will you add Citroen as DS or SM (both in european version) ???