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#1 Posted : Sunday, June 9, 2019 7:17:23 PM(UTC)
So can we start a petition to get rid of this because I didn’t pay $100 for a 8 year olds racing game.. To me I feel this is a huge disappointment seeing that never once did I see anything about legos being asked for anywhere it’s very disappointing playground games didn’t care about fan base input
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#2 Posted : Sunday, June 9, 2019 7:29:25 PM(UTC)
And this needed a whole new thread, why?
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#3 Posted : Sunday, June 9, 2019 7:29:32 PM(UTC)
Try searching instead of immediately opting for a new post. Scan the page, see if there is a current discussion about your issue and reply there instead of creating a redundant new thread. This might seem hard for many to grasp but one thread with a hundred replies always trumps a hundred threads with only post. This is especially so if you want to get the developer's attention. They simply do not have the time or resources to scan back though page after page looking for patterns. No one does, except maybe Max. Consolidate your discussion into fewer threads and you have better discussions that get more notice. It's science.

We vote no on petitions, especially third party petitions. The number of active players on the forums represent less than one percent of the player base therefore any petition on the forums, even with overwhelming participation, is statistically insignificant and not possibly large enough to overcome the margin of error. While you might feel that yours represents the opinion of a vast number of players, it almost assuredly does not.