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#1 Posted : Thursday, December 20, 2018 10:13:02 PM(UTC)
I recently switched from Forza 4 to 7 and I must say I love the drifting in this game. Being able to push the angle a lot more and control it more. I do have a few questions though. In Forza 4 I had to heavily tune to get the drifting right, but in this game I’ve used purely upgrades so far and I’ve done just fine and won some of the first few drift lobbies I’ve joined. Does anyone else go off of just upgrades or do you fine tune everything, and any suggestions for tuning?

This is a bit more unrelated, the second thing I was wondering about is if there will be an update for customizing the wheels and it’s colors like Horizon 4? And why isn’t there the ability to have different front and back wheels, seems like a lot of games don’t have that. But certain cars like the hot wheels mustang have different front and back wheels.
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#2 Posted : Saturday, June 8, 2019 2:46:53 PM(UTC)
I almost always dig into the tuning to get the most out of a car. If you don't know what or how to tune you can YouTube it and there are some helpful videos on there.