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#1 Posted : Saturday, May 18, 2019 6:32:03 AM(UTC)
I kinda want to make a HH design but i feel like i'll get banned for it. HH stands for hentai haven BUT the logo itself only contains two letters (you can guess). If i'd want to make a PH logo ofc i'd get banned but the HH logo doesn't mean anything to people who don't already know it, so i guess it's not advertising any adult content/sites to kids or whatever only ppl who know about HH get the design. If I were to post it would i get banned? I couldn't rlly find a marketplace terms of service but I got confirmation that using adult sites as sponsors is prohibited, but still, just HH would be a cool joke for a certain group of ppl and i really love the desing n stuff so i'd love to make a cobra livery with it. Also i didn't see anything in the READ THIS stating if words like hentai are allowed in this forum since there are kids here. Well i did find this *Content that could harm or harass a person, including yourself, or an animal. For example: Profane words or phrases* If the h-word ain't allowed on these forums please don't ban me I'm just curious if I could do some designs, please give me a warning instead of a ban. (here's the logo btw)

Only says HH so kids n stuff won't understand
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#2 Posted : Saturday, May 18, 2019 6:46:12 AM(UTC)
Short answer: NO.

Feel free to contact Microsoft but they will tell you the same
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#3 Posted : Sunday, May 19, 2019 1:10:24 AM(UTC)
If you have to ask...