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Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Wednesday, April 17, 2019 2:31:58 AM(UTC)
Greetings to all, forgive my English, is a translator
I have a problem for more than a week, the horizon 4 game does not run with my profile in my xbox one s, when the first animation screen arrives, where it welcomes the profile, the game stops and returns to the screen Start of xbox, this happened to me on April 9, I was in a team qualifying game, I had a problem with the internet connection (the connection was gone) is already more than solved the connection problem, the game is complete with all the dlc, expansion, pass cars ... more than 100 euros spent, is updated with the last of this month the 8th of more than 6 gb, I have restarted, I have turned off and disconnected from the current for hours, I reinstalled only the game without deleting the game and the profile, I have changed the format I have gone from disk to digital, I have erased cache and resynchronized, I have partially erased my xbox leaving only apps and games, the only way I have found it to work is with another profile that is not the mine, my profile is not banned nor do I have a warning or anything like it, nor does it give me any error message, I have opened a few reports in Help Forza, I have sent mail to the developers, but ... it is not that they are for the work, in the report I said that it was xbox, and they try to help me with Windows from Forza help, where they have tried to help me quickly giving solutions that unfortunately have not worked, it has been in the microsoft community, but they have not been able to send me to Forza , I would like to continue enjoying this great game that is not cheap, and the passes expire, I am a fan of this saga, I have all the horizon (the 4) and several forzamotorsport, it is the first time I have a serious problem, I do not know what to do more

Would you be so kind to give me a solution without having to waste hundreds of hours, progress, stories, stars ... and have to start from 0?

Thank you and forgive the brick that I have written


P.D for the moderator, I'm sorry I did not pay attention to the language I use the translator in browser, my mistake, thank you
Rank: Driver's Permit
#2 Posted : Wednesday, April 17, 2019 11:51:41 PM(UTC)
Searching and asking, not in Forza help, they still do not give me a solution or a conversation followed, in almost 7 days and several open reports, they just asked me, that if it was updated, that I had closed the open and past incidents to one, and an attempt of solution for windons, game in xbox and is specified in report.
  I have been able to find a solution, delete my profile of forza and lose all evolution since 2011, I have asked for help Forza if it could replace part of my profile and evolution obtained throughout these years, but there is no answer of any kind
Someone from a Forza team that can guide me? Please, or someone who has been the same and has solved it?
Greetings and those who can enjoy the game, thanks