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1:05:30 - Barrett-Jackson Car Pack trailer for FH4; Retro talking Series 8 drift and livery features.

1:09:00 - Freeroam Rush changes: "We thought everyone wanted it removed, [but] a lot of people as soon as they saw this, thought that we might be [removing Freeroam Rush] came out and said 'Oh no, we like it.'" "We change a lot of things last minute, but it's all because of community feedback."

1:13:30 - Player stats over the first six months of release. (infographic below)

1:16:30 - An overview of the major features released to date: Route Creator; Fortune Island: Treasure Hunts, Switchbacks, Trailblazer challenges; Painting segments of wheels and cars; Photo Mode effects; Horizon Stories; Mitsubishi; Free-for-all Adventure; Garage/filesave limit increased; Festival Playlist.

1:21:00 - Series 9 "hopefully" will have Custom Adventure. "We're going to look at the races that are played and the races that are not played, and maybe take away or add. So what you play one week may not be available the next week." "The best way to vote on something [you love] is to play it." Also potentially another Showcase Remix and Horizon Story, TBA.

1:25:00 - The May episode of Forza Monthly will follow the Series 9 Update preview livestream on May 7th.

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That is some amazing stats. Love Forza and Turn 10 can't wait for more to come. Brian as always your the best.