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Rank: Driver's Permit
#1 Posted : Friday, March 22, 2019 3:55:45 AM(UTC)
We are the Forza Horizon Roleplay Community, since October of 2017 we have been serving the state of Horizon Britain since release we are still one of the best roleplaying communities for Forza out there right now. Others may say their's is better than ours, well think about this, having to put countless hours into creating a system for everyone to able to understand plus being able to hardcore roleplay out scenarios clean and efficiently without the need to stop and think this is not GTA V. All of our law enforcement vehicles are custom made from real life police agencies and still look stuning when patrolling. We are currently accepting applications for all departments except the civilian operations department:

Forza Horizon State Police
Forza Horizon Police Department
Forza Horizon Fire Department
Astmoor County Sheriff's Office
Communications Department

Also if you do join the FHRP community you will also be able to use these items during active servers.
- Our new CAD/MDT system
- New police vehicle upgrades which enhances vehicles to what real life police vehicles feel like
- Using the FHRP discord to get the latest on servers plus use our discord for active servers for patrols.
- Our new Xbox club to also get additional server status and updates.

to join the FHRP community use this link here

We hope to see you patrol with us soon.