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#1 Posted : Friday, March 1, 2019 6:01:07 AM(UTC)
hello, i recently installed both games forza horizon 3 and forza horizon 4. Forza horizon 4 works flawlessly 70-80fps, no complaints. forza horizon 3 on the other hand is giving me headaches. i'm a certified computer technician and i can't figure it out. in fh3 menu i have 500 fps +, in-game i have 20-30 frames sometimes below. vsync doesnt work, unlocked variable frame rate doesn't work, any setting related to fps changing is futile, tried in nvidia control panel also.nothing works. i have windows up to date, latest nvidia drivers, updated bios, restored bios to default no overclock. fresh windows install only drivers and the games are on, my setup is i5-3570k processor, 16gb ddr3, msi z77-gd55 motherboard, gtx 1060 3gb video card. also when i open map i have 100 fps plus. tried lowering settings, everything to low still the same, tried lowering resolution to 720p still the same. power option in windows is set to high performance, same as in nvidia control panel prefer maximum performance. i have no microphone, that setting is disabled from windows setting. i am using only 1 monitor 1080p/60hz with hdmi cable in-between gpu-monitor. in-game gpu is utilized 100% but the temperature of it doesnt seem to climb, seems to me like the game isn't utilizing it properly 53-54 degrees celsius and stays there. cpu utilization is is all over the place 55%-96%. tried installing the game on hdd and right now i reinstalled it on ssd. nvidia shadowplay is disabled. what remained to try is using the software dispaly driver uninstaller and going back to nvidia 400 series driver.right now i have latest 419.17. what are you guys suggesting to try out. every other game is working flawlessly only forza horizon 3 is giving me headaches. i also noticed when i enter the game in byron festival it shows skyes and some windows from the festival i have 70-80 fps and when it lowers rendering the car it goes to 30 or lower.

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#2 Posted : Monday, March 11, 2019 3:34:05 AM(UTC)
hey...bad luck.. i have the same cpu as you and 12 gb ram with a asrock z77 and a 970.. it should e a little worse then yours... latest drivers nvidia no geforce experience.. cpu usage 60/90 gpu 50/60.. dynamic optimization off , framerate smoothing on, maximum prerendered frames 1 threaded optimization on, the rest i have everything on low and off to the ones u can.. exept world car level details on high, Anisotropic x8, msaa 2x and vsync on.. always 60 fps rarely got some dips to 58/56 only in city.. back in the days when the game came out a friend of mine had an ati 290x and he had to open and close google chrome in mid game to have 60 fps.. and have to do it several times ultil for some miracle..the game was ok..or he will have the same prob as you... but i think that problem was only to ati and i guess they fixed it... give it a try sorry my english..good luck. you can also try this..

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