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#1 Posted : Monday, February 11, 2019 7:36:50 AM(UTC)
Whenever I go to tune a car, all values are ridiculously low for the o-60, 0-100 and quarter mile. For example, the 0-60 in my 200hp FWD Volvo is somehow 0.005 seconds and it does the quarter mile in 0.014 seconds. I'm guessing this is just the values being divided by 1000 for some odd reason, but it is annoying when fine tuning cars. I have tried reloading the game but nothing has helped. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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#2 Posted : Monday, February 11, 2019 9:50:39 AM(UTC)

hi. already a couple of posts about this. pls see below:


it's now on the known issues list. i'm guessing it'll be corrected by next update. apparently a 3 decimal place display issue (0.000)

In the Tune Car menu, benchmark stats are displaying impossibly small acceleration times.

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#3 Posted : Monday, February 11, 2019 1:01:28 PM(UTC)
I don't understand how a bug like this gets through any level of testing. The latest update broke so many things.
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#4 Posted : Monday, February 11, 2019 1:58:24 PM(UTC)
Another post indicates this is now fixed.

However, on the topic of "how", I know they made changes that address the difference in adjustment resolution between metric and other (whatever you choose to call it) units. I'm guessing that's what they were focusing on, and forgot to update the tuning UI for the change in unit precision for the core computations.

When such changes are made, it is common to focus testing on identified impact areas. There is supposed to be comprehensive (regression) testing to identify and flag unexpected side-effects, but GUI testing can be difficult and not comprehensive if not well designed to support testing. So the behind the scenes value result testing could easily pass, but nothing existed to check the final format for display being correct unless a human looked at it and noticed. If most of their manual "ad-hoc" testing involved loading predefined cars and tunes, and not manually tuning, then they could do a LOT of testing, both automated and manual, without noticing the UI format problem.

They could also have noticed it late, but management designated is as a non-blocking issue for rolling out the update. We'll likely never know because they are generally completely unresponsive to such discussions on these boards (and most companies won't allow talk about those details anyway).

In any case, it's very common for "point (update) releases" to not get the same level of broad comprehensive testing as a major release, and as such, this type of thing isn't unusual. It's all a matter of limited resources (allocated based on risk assessment) vs pressure to ship.

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