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#1551 Posted : Friday, January 11, 2019 5:23:40 PM(UTC)
I was just thinking of a better way to do the homologation system and I think I've hit on something that, even if it's not feasible to implement in FM7, could potentially be used in FM8.

- Instead of vehicles being homologated by division restrictions, each championship has its own set of restrictions.
-- Example restrictions: PI, HP, drivetrain type, engine type (V6, V8, etc), aspiration, conversions (allowed, forbidden, required), specific vehicles
-- Example event types: Classic Muscle (American/Australian cars 1965-1975 with V8s and conversions forbidden, vintage tires, PI limit), Monster Miata (car must be a Mazda Miata, engine swap required, engine must be V8), 90s Street Racing (car year must be between 1990 and 2000, PI limit, vehicle base value < 100k, conversions allowed).
-- Players could create and save custom restriction sets, effectively creating their own race divisions.
- Vehicle auto upgrade for a specific event would be free, but the free parts can only be used for that event (same idea as free homologation parts). If the player wants to permanently modify a vehicle, they'll need to purchase the parts as usual.
- Divisions would collect contemporary vehicles that competed directly against each other (either on the track or in the market) and be limited to a 10 year span at most (no more 1986 BMW in the same division as cars from the early 2000s). Vehicles could potentially be eligible for multiple divisions if they were popular for both racing and on the road, or competed successfully in multiple race categories (for example, the classic Mini Cooper and muscle cars in the historic road racing division).
- Except for spec series with tight homologation rules, no car should be in its own division like with the Polaris buggy or the Radicals.

On a slightly related topic, I would also like to see spec races for every vehicle in its stock form (excepting Forza Editions). These wouldn't count for overall progression percentage, but would give players an easy way to keep track of all the vehicles they've tried and follow the same idea as the rivals overhaul with rivals events for every single track and class combination.

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#1552 Posted : Friday, January 11, 2019 5:59:41 PM(UTC)
-More race marshals for multiplayer, and a better/ more transparent system to apply to become one...other than the mysterious "by invite only" and the eyeroll-inducing "Message HeliosT10 on XBL and hope he ever sees or acknowledges your message to begin with"

-More prominent placement of "Vote to kick" option somehow, along with maybe a lower threshold of votes required to actually kick someone. Also, maybe fix it in the first doesn't work half the time.

-Ability to "Vote to kick" more than one driver at a time.

-Better anti-track cutting measures in MP. Seems FM goes two steps forward but then one step back with this. I've seen stuff added but then other stuff curiously removed where it's still desperately needed.

-Nobody wanted the homologation system, no one asked for it, almost everyone hates it (at least in its current form), get rid of it or dial it way back. Lol.

-I'm glad T10 barred some obvious rammer vehicle types from MP lobbies, but it's not enough. T10 needs to crack down on this. Y'all created a monster by pandering to the Horizon/NFS arcade crowd. Ghost everyone for the first 30 seconds or something, please. Also, require profiles to complete 5 races in MP 101 and to complete one single player series/championship before all other MP lobbies are unlocked. Also, you can create a system in which if a player is reported for dirty racing more than a dozen times in a month, they get automatically banned from multiplayer for 60 days.

-Fewer "specialty" and homologated leagues, and more straightforward class-based, non-homologated sim and ghost leagues. The league types in FM6 were largely just fine.

-Someone else mentioned a weird thing in Rivals where for some reason you have to keep racing the old ghost even after you've beaten their time. That definitely needs fixed. I don't recall it being that way in FM6, but regardless you should obviously get a new ghost with each rival time you beat.
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#1553 Posted : Saturday, January 12, 2019 3:54:02 AM(UTC)
After playing GT Sport (I realize I’m posting on a FM forum so I may get some flack for that) I feel GT Sport does a much better job on the racing aspect. With FIA integration, penalties, little touches like blue flags and lights to alert slower drivers when they are being lapped and animated pit stops, I feel more immersed in the race. I would like to see these implemented in FM.

Also, I would like to have more accurate driver seating positions (feels like in some cars my driver is placed way too close to the steering wheel or way too far away or too low), better feedback through the controller (I feel like the trigger rumbles emphasize only when I’m applying the brakes too hard and I would like to feel the road better) and more accurate POV representation in cockpit view (the default simulation setting is nauseating with way too much erratic movement which is not realistic) would be a great benefit to the racing experience. Oh and remove the overly wobbly side mirrors and exhaust pipes. It’s just not realistic. Lastly, I feel like the cars tend to oversteer way too much. Would like to see this fixed as well. Best regards.
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#1554 Posted : Sunday, January 13, 2019 1:24:55 AM(UTC)
RACE REGULATION SYSTEM : I can't wait more for it .... please get it NOW please.

A HUGE BETTER USER'S INTERFACE ON MULTIPLAYER WHO LOAD SO MORE FASTER : Actually in multiplayer, it's so annoying to choose a car ... sometimes just impossible. An interface more simple to have better loading must be add.

All the great idea of FM4 (about UI) implement in FM7.
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#1555 Posted : Sunday, January 13, 2019 10:37:36 AM(UTC)
I also forgot one thing:

T10 messed up Leagues badly. I mean, I'm okay with the rank/band's more transparent than the skills placement in FM6...but to completely eliminate the ability to climb a points-based leaderboard effectively killed Leagues for me and a lot of other people. Leagues are now nothing more than a slightly better (more skill-balanced) Multiplayer hopper. FM7 League play doesn't even resemble any kind of "Leagues" in any other game, sport, etc. There is literally no point to Leagues other than some [mostly] cleaner racing (but with fewer hopper/class options).

Bring back points leaderboards. Honestly, I'm not sure how hard it would be to add it to FM7, but it needs to be in FM8 (if there is an FM8?).
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#1556 Posted : Sunday, January 13, 2019 11:36:46 AM(UTC)
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#1557 Posted : Sunday, January 13, 2019 2:26:53 PM(UTC)
Forza 7/8 Wish List ideas

Here are a couple of things I would like to see.

Rivals Blueprint - I think the Blueprint feature from FH 3/4 is very cool. I was hoping it would have carried over from FH3 into FM7. Players can make their own rivals event, pick the car or car type, track, and restriction, and share with friends or with the community.

Time Attack Mode - I'd like to see a single player time attack mode. I pick the car and track and can set my own time goal. I think this would be cool where you can log track times with different cars. Right now, if I want to compare a Vette to a GT-R on Daytona, I have to write down the times.

Rivals Stock leaderboard - I personally like the rivals events where everyone has the same limitation on the car. I think for the Rivals mode where all the tracks are opened up, there should be a stock leaderboard with cars that are not modified or homologated, and a leaderboard for modified/homologated.

Forza Car Encyclopedia - I'd like to see menu or option to look up the history of the cars in the game. I've played Ride 3 and every bike has a write up about it. For, I like the write ups that they do for the DLC cars. They can take these same write ups and put them in the game.

Forza Mechanic - I think PCars had this feature, but I think an in-game tuner wizard would be cool and would get more players to spend time tuning. In PCars, I think you could say you want a soft suspension or more oversteer, and it would tweak the setting of your car accordingly.

Other stuff - More cars, more tracks. Like to see point to point races again. Also, performance trucks and SUVs, are okay, but no more off-road vehicles unless there is some off road driving in the game. I'd like to see improvement in the weather/time of day system. It still seems stagnant. For example, I did the 300 lap Sebring race and the weather/time of day stayed the same the whole time. For an almost 3 hour race in the game, I would expect some transition.

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#1558 Posted : Monday, January 14, 2019 6:58:33 AM(UTC)
This game is absolute by far the best racing game right now, especially on the xbox one X.
Graphicly, no lagging, just perfect
My suggestion would be:
- Zandvoort track in the game
- Penalty system like in project cars 2.
- Lobby where you can put AI in at certain level to block the rammers/hitters.
- GTE lobby and other lobbies with an option not hit each other of track.
- Lobbies with max. class (fe. C- class with only C-class cars, no tuning allowed from D-class or whatever to C-Class)
- Thinking of how to keep rammers out of lobbies. Racing is a free world, but hitting each other off on purpose or just no braking is useless!! (In project cars 2 fe. you see much less hitters)
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#1559 Posted : Tuesday, January 15, 2019 6:34:27 AM(UTC)
- When in Free Play and you select a Timed race, allow players to finish the lap they are on when the timer runs out.
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#1560 Posted : Wednesday, January 16, 2019 10:39:48 AM(UTC)
Build the future car packs from cars listed in the wish list. Using cars representing the spirit of "Motorsports". And please give them functional classes not lumping them into "Forza Specials".
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#1561 Posted : Wednesday, January 16, 2019 3:34:21 PM(UTC)
Originally Posted by: AnakalaRon Go to Quoted Post
Build the future car packs from cars listed in the wish list. Using cars representing the spirit of "Motorsports". And please give them functional classes not lumping them into "Forza Specials".

That's a big one, fully agreed. To add to that bring back the ability to organize and create groups within our garage. I reckon that could be easily done in an update because I'm so tired of seeing forza specials division when realistically every car in that class except the hot wheels twin mill can either go into an existing division or a whole new one altogether. We need new divisions like hot rods & customs, Van's and utilities, birth of sports car racing and extreme track toys.

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#1562 Posted : Thursday, January 17, 2019 7:59:21 AM(UTC)
This has probably been suggested already, but just incase it hasn't been; Stadium Super truck Racing using the Trophy trucks in FM7. Just add some ramps to various (maybe all) courses in FM7 and that should be about it.

If no one seen this amazing form of racing...

Of course, I know there's a lot more to SST than just throwing some ramps onto a track, but doing this would possibly give the Trophy trucks (and some of the rally cars) more value and use in the game.
That time you've prepared all week for the race, only to find out that you've practiced on the wrong layout...

Yeah; I've been there.
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#1563 Posted : Thursday, January 17, 2019 8:34:02 AM(UTC)
Hello guys!

In fact, it is disappointing that FM7 does not have the Porsche 911 (992) nor the Corvette ZR1.

I do not know the technical, commercial or contractual reason for this, but for us who are fanatics it is very disappointing.

The worst is if other franchises make these models available and FM7 does not.

I am faithful to FM7, because I always believed that here was the definitive selection of cars, but it seems that is not quite so.

I hope Turn 10 corrects that.

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#1564 Posted : Friday, January 18, 2019 6:45:27 AM(UTC)
I would love to be able to create a private multiplayer party where you set it up as a "Cup series"
We could choose number of races, and then select tracks etc.
For randomization options the system could work out "Max track length" based on class and randomize tracks with a shorter track length as suitable for the cars chosen

Each racer then selects their car and can select their tuning for the series (would be great to have an option to allow / disallow tuning between series races...

The series can be saved halfway through and restarted when the a % of the original drivers are back in the private party.

This could go over to the multiplayer mode where people sign up for a series race and it could be 3 to 10 races - either on the same day / same day and time every week etc...

Hope this makes sense.

Other changes hoped for....
1. (as a GT sport driver as well) - On a vehicle (during the race itself (i.e. when you are heading down a straight) ) if would be great to have the ability to change brake bias, Fuel usage vs fuel conservation (lower rev limits) and the ability to change traction control / stability etc as this would effect the handling of a car so where the set up may be poor you can change a few settings to help it improve
2. Ability to change the tyre wear and fuel usage % (i.e. multiply it to increase wear rates etc - forcing driving style changes / more pit stops)
3. In the hud - when looking at extra details and cycling through whilst driving - would be good to set the transparency levels so you can make it almost invisible and still see what you need to to race...

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#1565 Posted : Friday, January 18, 2019 10:57:48 AM(UTC)
Helmet and racing suit customisation with decals
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#1566 Posted : Saturday, January 19, 2019 3:57:35 AM(UTC)
Just re-master FM4. Don't change anything at all. It was as close to perfect as a race sim can realistically be. Simply update graphics and release it. There is no need to try to reinvent the wheel, just keep making good wheels... This is what your customers really want.
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#1567 Posted : Saturday, January 19, 2019 6:47:38 AM(UTC)
In order of importance:

Point-to-Point races and Stages

Probably what I miss most from older Forzas were the point-to-point races. It's a completely different challenge from a circuit race, since you only have one shot to get each corner right. I can see how Rivals provides a similar experience, but for me it's not the same.

Longer tracks (4+ miles)

With point-to-point races, you would also need some longer tracks in order to provide multiple stages at the same location. Some of my favorite tracks from FM4 were signifcantly longer than the normal race tracks. Also, there's a reason people always clamor for the Goliath circuits in the Horizon games.

More race categories besides homologation

I'm probably in the minority in that I actually enjoy the homologation system. However, in addition to homologation, I would love to see more generic categories like the old Forza games had. Races based on production era, aspiration, body style, etc. were a great way to get a huge variation of vehicles in a single race. They may not have been the most competitive or exciting races, but a varied grid is a nice plus in a game with 800+ cars.

Static menus without 3D models

I get that Forza is a flagship title and it needs to have that "wow" factor. But there is absolutely ZERO reason to have all kinds of flashy graphics on the menu screens. The menus are ridiculously slow due to the constant need to load car models, driver models, and zip around a (frankly boring looking) garage. None of this improves the experience, and the load on the CPU means the menus are laggy and slow.

Unless I want to enter ForzaVista or customize the car/driver's appearance, I don't need to see the car or the driver at all. You're putting so much load on the system for no reason.

Also, the ambient noise in the garage is annoying. Please allow us to turn off this stuff, as you're not fooling anyone. There's no people other than your Driver in the garage, so why does it sound like there's a whole pit crew in there?

Zero-to-Hero career

Older Forzas tried to have some semblance of a story by making you start in the lower classes and working your way up. Especially FM3, with it's calendar setup. It had a neat touch of feeling like you actually had a career as a driver, scheduling events and competing in multiple events in a single week.

Ghost in all Test Drive modes

Why is my ghost only available if I select Circuit Race with 0 drivatars? I'd love to have an option to always have my ghost appear during any Test Drive mode (whether in Free Play or Career). I find it very helpful to see my ghost from my previous lap when I am tuning to gauge how different my lines and time are with different tweaks to the setup.

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