ZX Spectrum-Like Loading Times!

Jees, it is 2019 and takes almost 60 seconds to claim one car from the Auction House!

What the hell?

I have 76mb fibre internet, so god only know what it’s like for those poor sods on regular ADSL.

Oh, btw, 1982 just called, they want their ZX81 technology back!

I have 10mb per second download speed and mine is almost instant when I claim a car. Something is wrong on your end I think.


Takes me about 20 seconds
Sounds like its on your end

How many of these threads are you gonna start ??


It takes ~5 seconds for me. What system are you on? XB1, XB1X, PC?

XB1X and Gigabit Ethernet to Fritz!Box 7490

76mb fibre with speedtest results of with 71+mb download & 18+mb upload 13-27ms ping, averaged over several servers on www.speedtest.net.

My end seems OK.

Judging by your GT your in the UK same as me and I’m also getting lengthy times when it come to reclaiming cars from the auction house. I suspect those who have quick claim times live in US.

i’m in Australia and even with our garbage internet and high latency It’s never taken longer than 20 seconds to reclaim a car
either someone is just exaggerating or their connection to the forza servers is garbage
have you tried a proper power cycle of your modem land/or console/pc lately

I ask because it might be related to your Xbox. If the drive with the install of FH4 is nearly full, that could have an impact… otherwise it’s the hardware and/or background processes, I think.

Some of mine take about 2 minutes, I have seen auctions end whilst I am claiming a car from a previous auction…so I lost. UK is very slow even though I have fast Broadband speeds. In fact I have made bids, and all of the auctions have ended from top to bottom of the list all at once. The new 30 second last bid system is useless in the UK.

I am also based in UK, 76m fibre with great pings and full speed when tested.

External SSD hugely improves my load times but it still takes a long time to reclaim cars from auction.

I seem to be able to win about 25% of rare car buyouts so no real issue with bidding, just reclaiming cars that is sloooow.

I find its much quicker if you select claim from the list rather then entering the auction then claiming the car back

I have amazing download speed and latency times, yet my biggest horror is a car pack that I need to claim. Every single car takes about 1-2 minutes to claim. It is a pain, really. I am from GErmany.

Lucky it’s only 2 cars per week then
You could also just press the menu button in the dlc section and redeem all cars at once but then you dont get to choose their liveries

I’m in the UK, on fibre but slower, about 16 / 3. It doesn’t take me a minute, more like 5-10 seconds. I’m on PC if that makes any difference.