Zombie Killer Auction

I’ve decided to sell a tuned Audi S5 with a gory paint job.
NOTE I’ve only made two of these cars, 1 for me and 1 for auction.
The auction will start in a few hours

New car in the auction house!
the alien killer
note only one of these cars are for sale! the other is for me

good effects on the fluids. Try adding highlights (glare) as well as shading, this will really give it depth and add realism. just painted a blood splattered car myself (tis the season)

One quiet sunny day Ruth and Felicity went for a relaxing drive along Mount Fuji. Both feeling very pleased with their Nissan Micra’s green footprint, Knowing that Mother nature is very happy, they both decided to open the windows and sing songs of peace to the animals. Then Zombies came!, Ruth and Felicity were surrounded by flesh eating hungry zombies! and Ruth knew there was only one thing to do, Step on the gas and stop for nothing!. The events that happened next are so gruesome I don’t feel comfortable explaining. They made it out alive. and their Nissan Micra is a constant reminder of the horror that happened that day. Plus they’ve decided to sell it in the auction house :slight_smile:

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Nice car and great story too! You should run a competition for cars with stories! I’d love to see and hear more! :slight_smile: