ZIGGY12287's Gallary [updated 02/15/17]

Hello everyone,

I’ve been taking photos periodically over the years since FM3 but have taken more of an interest lately. Figured I’d start sharing some of the photos I take when I get the chance. Feel free to tell me what you think or any additional tips you may have :slight_smile:

15th photo 1

15th photo 2

15th photo 3

15th photo 4

15th photo 5

Hi there Ziggy! Very nice start to your gallery.

Very realistic shot here:

And I like the tense feel of rallying here:

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Thank you!

Went on a bit of hiatus and have been busy but got two shots during a quick session. Had fun on the second shot running a classic GT race on Goliath. Actually had a great duel with the Ferrari, until I blew past a checkpoint close to the end and had to fight back for a 5th place finish. More to come.

Nice work on that second shot!