Zenvo photo challenge?

How do you complete the photo challenge if the car will be first available in two weeks?

Good to see that the forums still posts even if it gives an error message about not being able to post…

Nevermind, just read the challenge, thought we need to remake the picture

I think there is a lot of people getting mixed up as to where they need to be in order to complete the #THE HEADLINEACT challenge.

When I passed the Festival garage, there was loads of player cars and it looked like they were tryng to position themselves to capture the Horizon Garage building in the backgroud (which also has a stage dance floor) instead of the one in the castle ruins.

The one at the festival site is the correct one.

If you are doing it at the castle ruins, then you are in the wrong place.

I now understand what you meant…

For me, the challenge doesn’t appear in my festival selection.
I have buy the correct house south of the west lake to be able to photograph cars (and I have done some of them) but when I open the festival selection items I don’t see this challenge: I see all the others but not this one.
What do I do uncorrectly ?