Zahir Phillips designs

My first time trying a racing design. Its not that good but i will get there eventually but always good to get some constructive critism. My race BMW E92 M3. My BMW M3 E92

Can’t seem to find your paint mate. Post it here in-forum - if you don’t have a FLICKR or PHOTOBUCKET account, create one [easy and free] and post your photo’s here via that account. Shout if you get lost.


Very nice.

looks really good

Some more pics and 2 more vehicles I made.The Audi’s I use in a series in South Africa. Audi DTM BMW E92 M3nullAudi R8 LMSAudi DTM side

Nice paint on the M3 Zahir. Photos of your other work however is not visible [well at least on my Laptop and Tab].

Audi R8 LMS

My Audi DTM that I use in an online race series

Audi DTM

Looks nice mate. Just one thing, as most of the guys here will tell you, try not to use the stock font and decals too much. Create your own and although it takes much longer, makes a big difference on the car. Keep practicing and you’ll get it done in no time.

Yeah i will . that was just first attempts