Zadok the Priest, censorship

I know the whole discussion about music censorship has been done already, so I won’t make a huge post.

My question is simply this. The word ‘god’ in the Churches song, referring to a general deity, was censored after release. That’s fine; even though it refers to a general deity and not a specific religion, I can understand the reasoning behind censoring it.

And yet, the classical piece Zadok the Priest repeats the phrase GOD SAVE THE KING over and over, and that refers to the Christian God. That song is completely untouched by censorship though.

So where is the consistency? Why is one song censored and not the other, even though the use of the word in Zadok the Priest is both repeated several times and refers to a specific religion?

While I’m here, I’d also like to ask about the song Headphones. The first line and chorus of the song is ‘I can take a beating like a good pair of headphones’. However, the word ‘beating’ is censored. so it’s now just silence where the word used to be, meaning the chorus is now ‘I can take a _______ like a good pair of headphones’. In what reality is that phrase considered offensive by anyone and warranting censorship? Several characters in the game say ‘beat’ or ‘beating’ - none of them are censored, nor are any of the quick chat messages containing that word. Censoring words for drug references is fine, but censoring beating is just completely unreasonable and frankly embarrassing, and not only that, the mystery of not knowing what the song is referring to any more is maybe even more offensive than the uncensored version. For all the listener knows, the song could now be about taking drugs or hostages, and you’d think that is what it’s about based on the censorship. But no. It was the word beating. Please can someone explain why the censorship is so excessive and inconsistent based on these two examples (I’m sure there are more I haven’t run into yet).