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Hello everyone, I’m a new player to the Forza series (played a little FM1 when I was very young but I’m not counting that) and FH3 is the first Forza I’m really getting into.
At this point in time I don’t have much to share. This Sandman is the first livery I’ve ever created in really any game. Some feedback would be appreciated and I hope I can really get into this community

Just finished my second paintjob. Rather than a fictional work this time I decided to replicate a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Group 4 racecar livery. All the sponsor logo’s were made by myself
Ferrari 1
Ferrari 2
The original car
Ferrari 3

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cool idea with the wave, and nice job on that replica!

Nice work on the Daytona

Nice job on here

Another paintjob finished. This time recreating the HX/HZ style Sandman. The side stripes took about half an hour to create and the Sandman text took about 4-5 hours. Both the text and the stripes are downloadable as Vinyl groups on my storefront.
Front View
Rear View

Uh, could you share a white base color version of that Sandman?