[YUM] Burrito club accepting new members: Apply today!


Are you tired of all these high level non-sequential less tasty clubs getting in your way of enjoying something tasty and delicious? Do you want a club that can provide you with the feeling of YUM and tastiness that lets your taste buds go wild? Well do I have a proposition for all of you! You see, here at the burrito we drive, drift, offroad, cross country, while we enjoy a nice zesty and tasty burrito. You don’t have to eat burritos; You can also like tacos, mangoes, pizza, and any food for that matter. Now doesn’t that sound amazing to you? It does? Splendid! Now what makes the Burrito different from the rest? It’s not about being the best of the best, not about just having fun, but it’s also about TOTAL DOMINATION- ahem I mean, something unique like creating, conversing, being what it means to be a burrito. Here at the burrito we will make sure we fill your needs. You will be one with the burrito. You ARE the burrito. Do not let anyone tell you otherwise! You are the beef in the tortilla, the rice that hits your tongue, the cheese that melts in your mouth! Now with that being said, I only request one thing and that’s to be able to have fun, share this club with your friends, spread it around. Bask in the glory of the burrito!

Well? what are you waiting for? Apply today and let the YUM go crazy!