Your house

I know we had this kind of thread on Horizon 2 so what’s your house

I don’t have one but this reminds me of how much I miss that feature from Test Drive Unlimited. I want to buy my own house. I want to buy clothes. I want to have a club house. I wish Horizon 4 includes some of that stuff and gas stations.


Well then you should post this in the FH3 Features Wish List thread.

I thought exactly the same thing when I saw the thread title–TDU.

What was that FH2 thread about, OP? I don’t recall it.

That would be awesome. Also garages for your cars. The whole bit but that might not happen since TDU already does that - apart from the gas stations. Fingers crossed 4 those:)

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What the FH2 thread was about, was people would park in front of a house they would like to call theirs, and take a photo parked in front of it and post it up in the thread.

Oh, okay. All I know was I saw someone use the words “feature” and “wish” in the same post, so that’s why I made the suggestion that he should post his wish in the FH3 Features Wish List thread.

Home sweet home with a mint condition, second hand 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX STI.

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You two live together?




Tremendous way to start the topic, can’t stop laughing

Edit : Here is mine ! I’m actually working here as well.

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Lmao! I get it during the day, he gets it during the night.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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I cant get on my Xbox til Wedensday, I’ll find a house then

My house is in the middle of the street.


I couldn’t help but notice your gamertag DOHC46. I have owned two 1997-98 Lincoln Mark VIII LSC (hence my gamertag) and I absolutely adore that engine. It had such a nice sound and was really rev happy. The 300 HP was great too. I really miss those cars. I had a white one named Ariel and a black one named Ursula, even had a vanity tag with her name on it.

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Getting OT here, but in my case, it’s more “wishful thinking.” If I went with what I’ve actually owned, my GT would either be “OHV49” or “SOHC46”. LOL

Back On Topic, I snapped a pic of my house.

It be cool to walk around the festival n hang out with other players like a pre-lobby Or something

And yes, I have all the keys…