YoungRhombus's Photo Gallery

Hi guys, just wanted to start my own gallery thread. I should be taking some new photos in the next few days so I will post them. I am open to any suggestions on how I might improve my photography skills, so please tell me what you think. Thank you for looking!

I really, really like that first photo. It’s menacing and pretty epic as photos go. Love the use of the reflection too. Great stuff, and an equally great start to the gallery! :slight_smile:

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Thank you! The first one is definitely one of my all time favorites.

Really like the mustang, coulde be a special effect poster or some sort.
Dat fedex van tough, awesome :smiley:

I believe I can fly…

Looking forward to your next update!

Thanks for the comments! I’m taking some photos now so I should have some new ones (and older ones) up soon. I would have had them earlier but there was a power outage. Shame. I’ll update this post once I am finished.

OK, I only took a couple, but I do have some older favorites along with the newer ones to share. I will say, for the record, I am probably better at taking photos in Horizon. Here’s set 2:

Nice photos, I really like the lambo in the first post.

Ok, here are some new photos I took today on Horizon 2:

I like the effects on these; It makes them look more realistic.

Very nice!