You think you won and then you lose a place? Happens way too often

Sorry if this was covered already but today it happened to me three times in a row! Once in FM7 and twice in FH4. It’s just really frustrating…

See for yourself
Forza frustrating online exprience - YouTube


check your Internet connection, especially your Ping between you and Microsoft game server

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IMHO It’s not the internet connection, mine is pretty rock solid with a ping in the 30’s typically.

There is another open thread about this here:

I’ve posted several videos (listed in that thread).

I’ve opened ticket 9878 a full month ago (10/30) with no activity on it (other than me posting & attaching to the ticket more video evidence that its NOT lag) or in the thread.

It’s really a shame, there is a really great game hiding under all the bugs, but the focus from the devs seems to be mostly on rolling out new content and only fixing major exploits and a couple minor bugs here and there. But when it comes to things like this, or the basically broken ranked system, or players glitching all over the place and then coming out of ghost just long enough to ram you off course before ghosting and glitching all over again, or bringing back non-team based pvp races, or tunes on cars seeming to not load on races (or sometimes disappear mid race), or… well you get the point… the devs and support team seem completely silent. Some of these issues have multiple 5+ page threads and no acknowledgement from mods, devs, support… no listing on known issues… just silence…

To me the lack of communication is even more maddening than the bugs. Something, anything like a “Hey we are looking into this” would be great. Better yet an actively updated queue of known bugs and their current status (like this is number 900000 on the list and low priority) - at least then I know that they’ve seen it and its considered isolated, or maybe they don’t consider it a bug at all and its functioning as intended.



I just watched your video and you clearly won the last race. so that’s definitely a bug, surely?

I know it could be what happens in FM7, Its not you its the other guy that has lagged and he/she only beat you because they did actually finish the race with a race time lower than yours.


It’s happened to me a couple of times. It’s another on the embarrassingly long list of infuriating issues with this game. I know they’ve said “they’re fixing it, but we want to get it just right for you guys”, but honestly, I don’t think they can fix this mess.

Prove me wrong.


That has definitely happened to me a number of times. At this point, if I have anyone within 200 feet behind me and not losing ground when I finish, I assume they’re actually ahead of me until proven otherwise by the results. It apparently has something to do with a de-synchronization from the servers, although I can’t really speak to much beyond that.

How to fix Online Adventure End Race Position Bug ?
I finish physically in front of the guy , between 0.1 or 1 sec, maybe even 2 sec and after race ends I get placed after him .
Probably this bug wont get fixed ever… since who makes this game doesn’t even bother to play it to fix the most common and annoying bugs.
Whole online system remake this century? Hellll nooooo

Maybe we can help the devs a bit by narrowing it down to a platform - if this has happened to you, are you playing on PC or XBone? - I’ll keep an eye on this thread and consolidate a count in this post periodically,

PC here - have not seen it on Xbox yet though to be fair I haven’t played it much on XB.

File a trouble ticket here:

Make sure to include all necessary information, including platform you’re playing on, your own LAN, Internet Service Provider, etc.

Completely off topic, but haven’t seen you around here for a while Snowowl, nice to see you again and hope you’re well :slight_smile:

I already have - #9878 - Created October 30, 2018 19:02 with basically no published activity on it aside from mine - though yes, as you noted, anyone else with the same issue should probably open one as well.

I’m adding ISP info to mine now.

I think I noted this earlier but there are other threads open on this as well in the Technical Support and Help forum - though last activity on them is 3+ days ago:

Same issue happening here. This issue is becoming a common occurrence now. When racing in Online Adventure (both ranked and normal), if 2 players finish relatively close to eachother (ex: If I finish ~2 car lengths ahead of another player), then our positions may be swapped and I might finish in 2nd place, despite actually being in 1st. Just to clarify, this issue doesnt seem to happen simply because 2 racers are both milliseconds away from crossing the finish line and it’s hard to determine who won, this issue is can still happen even when I am a great distance ahead of another online racer. To give one last example: If a random online player is in 1st place and is ahead of me by a literal mile (I’m in 2nd place), after crossing the finish line, the game may randomly say that I actually finished in 1st place even though I actually finished in 2nd place. This issue seems to happen too often to just be a rare occurrence. I have only noticed this issue happening during online team adventure racing. This issue happens on both my Xbox One and my PC. If anyone needs more info, don’t hesitate to ask. I believe I have a clip saved from my Mixer Stream from earlier today, I’ll see if I can post a clip in here so you guys can see the issue in action.

i think you Don’t understand how online adventure works.
your position is just an assesment during the race, aswell for your opponent because nobody’s got the same Internet connection.
To understand that, just do an online adventure but Don’t finish the race, and you’ll see your car do a roll back and that why you thought you were before the other player but in reality you’re not.

I don’t think it’s a lack of understanding as much as it’s a statement that we feel this is a problem… and that’s yet another example. It means that your position on track isn’t accurately reflected, which means you can think you are running a clean race when everyone else can see you ramming everyone off track and driving like a jerk, or in less extreme situations it means you can think you’ve won and oh wait, just kidding! Though that said, I’ve had it where I beat someone, the game gave them the win, and that person said, wait, but I saw you beat me to the line - so on their screen I won, on my screen I won, and the game still gave them the win.

Bottom line, if you are going to have a racing game where you have to fight for track position then the cars position needs to be as accurate as possible. It’s probably not an easy fix for exactly the reason you note, but fixing it results in a better game experience for everyone.

Hi everyone,

I had something strange happening in a team adventure a day ago. So I was racing a normal street race, and I was driving in 2nd place. So when I was about to finish, an other player (from the opposing team) bumped into me on the side, no big deal at first I assumed. But on the scoreboard that player finished in front of me, while he was clearly not (half of his car was sticking out behind mine). So i’m wondering how this was possible.

Are there any people also having this issue?

If so, they should really add photo finish to FH4.


I’ve seen it happen too.

Many times I’ve had the experience of appearing to finish either just before or after another racer in near photo-finishes, but when the final results come up our official results are flipped. What I’m confused about is whether this is just lag and I’m not seeing on my end ‘what actually happened’ or if it’s some sort of penalty that’s being assessed. As you’d expect with that close of a finish there’s bound to be a little rubbin’ going on: is that a penalty in Team Adventure? If so I sure hope they’re penalizing the wall rammers too…:confused:

Thanks for any responses

Lately when this happened in ranked free-for-all it was even more frustrating than in the video attached. So when I finish it shows me correct position like “Sludgeray finished 1st place” but in the leaderbord it will show that I came second and I will be given 16 points as if I finished second, but again when podium is displayed my car will be in the left, at second position, but my character will be standing in the middle next to another player’s car

I’m having the same exact issue. I will finish right in front of someone and they take away the position I was in. Really annoying me, especially when it’s competitive. Maybe I should slam on brakes right before the finish, so I can get a place ahead? I don’t have slow internet, like around 110+ mbps, if you want to call that slow.