"You need to play unranked first to unlock ranked play" Yet I've already unlocked it?!

Just hopped on FH4 to play ranked free for all, yet it will not let me play, it comes up with the error message I posted in the title. I’ve already unlocked ranked play, I’m league 11, so why is this happening?! I can’t play any of the ranked modes, but it does let me play unranked, strange.

Edit Restarted my game to see if that will fix it, and now the ranked and series rewards tabs are greyed out, it says “Feature locked. Could not connect to the online adventure league server. Please try again later.” Anyone else have this or am I banned or something?

Xbox live is having issues

I had the same 2 weeks ago. Played unranked once, ok, now I can join ranked… except it said I was banned for leaving ranked early. I freaked out for a bit tbh… turned off my pc, started it up 5 mins later and opened Horizon, everything was well again.