"You have too many saves of this file type."

What? Here is the scenario that has been happening when I win a new car and I want to try it out. I search for tunes, find one that looks good, and try to download it. “You have too many saves of this file type.” Oh, okay, I’ll go delete an old tune that I haven’t used in a while. Wait, which of my 360 cars have tunes? How old are they? I’ll check my favorites, one by one, seeing if there’s a saved tune I can delete so I can try out this new car.

After a while, it’s just screw it, I’ll play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey instead.

I have about 60 of my cars favorited, and most of them have at least two tunes - one for regular driving (road, rally, offroad, or drift, depending on the car), and one for winter. Driving in winter is just not fun if you don’t have your car specifically tuned for it. It’s like driving in dirt on a street tuned car. Some of them have other tunes for different class races.

Today I started running into this “You have too many saves of this file type.” when setting up some cars for some races I wanted to run. Am I supposed to do a fresh tune on a car every time I want to race it? Am I supposed to delete the tunes on my other cars? How exactly am I supposed to tell which cars have saved tunes, since it’s not indicated anywhere in the interface? What if I have shared a lot of tunes? I have 50 shared tunes, most of which nobody has been able to find apparently, but some of them are reasonably popular. The Creative Hub shows which tunes I have shared, but it does not give stats on them, nor does it allow me to delete tunes from that list. I’d have to load up fifty cars individually to check how long I have had them available, and if anyone has found them useful.

I ran into this in FH3, too, but I thought this game might solve the problem of not being able to save tunes for each car. It’s especially bad given both the seasonal nature of the game, AND because many of the seasonal events have ridiculous races that put cars in unexpected environments. Like the current summer co-op event with modern muscle cars doing rally tracks. Run enough of those weird events, and you’re going to end up with a lot of random tunes in your garage.

Whatever the limit is on saved tunes, it is FAR too small. You have like five hundred cars in this game. We should be able to save multiple tunes for each of those five hundred cars. Sure, almost nobody would run into that limit, but that’s the point, isn’t it. Especially when hitting the limit is such a tedious runaround just to try out a new car.

In the long run, server storage is a lot cheaper than customer frustration.


Thanks for your suggestions relating the size of the save limites and knowing which car(s) have tunes or liveries attached. I’ll forward on this feedback to the team.
Don’t forget you can always submit suggestions & feedback, aswell as any issues/bugs here.

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Quick FYI about game save files sizes. Every XBox game has a file size limit that is dictated by MS/XBox. The game devs have to work within that limit. That’s why we can’t just have unlimited tunes, paints, photos, etc. If the devs increase storage limits for tunes, they will have to make sure they’re not using storage reserved for something else in the game.

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While I know what you say is true, the bizarre bit is that file saves will have a really small size limit, while overall game size and how big it can get through updates seems to have no limit. I have multiple games over 50GB in size and yet save file sizes and how many photos we can take seem to be dictated on space and size rules from a previous generation of consoles.


I’m pretty sure shared items are not stored locally. The game has to contact a server to get information about them. If they’re on a server somewhere, as I expect, local storage limits don’t apply. It seems like even some of the meta data is not stored locally, as there is usually a delay when populating lists like search results.

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Another thing I wanted to point out is that it wouldn’t really bother me that much if the shared item limits are somehow caused by save game limits. The bigger problem is that the game says “sorry, too many items, go remove some,” and then makes it very difficult to remove some or prevent the situation happening again. What is the limit? How far am I from the limit? Perhaps even suggest some items that I downloaded but never used. Maybe warn me when I am near the limit. Definitely provide a list that makes it easy to clear out items I no longer want to use.


This is really some bs I have now run it to this problem and the only way I know how to delete tunes is to get into the car and then go to tunes and delete, the file manager they talk about I can’t find :frowning:


Well I’m going to have to necro this topic because this is not “answered”…“duh…thanks for the input…derp derp”
Is not an answer…seriously I’m done, crashes every hour still, all my shared content just vanished from visibility/accessibility, sound bugging out everytime something loads, server lag during races…the list goes on…sheesh this has sure gone to the pits since Horizon 1 and 2 and now I cant download any tunes without going through the ridiculous process as stated above…what’s everyone else playing now? I need to fill the gaping empty void left in my soul from my favorite franchise dropping the ball…


The same message appears for me when taking photos.

I’ve been looking for an answer to what to do as a workaround, because the message given is totally useless.

No replies so far: Can not save any more photos [PC] - Community Support - Forza Motorsport Forums

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Looks like the latest update has increased storage sizes

FH4 Release Notes: February 4th, 2019

Storage Increase
The number of cars you can store in your Garage has increased to 750
The number of Designs you can store has increased to 500
The number of Vinyl Groups you can store has increased to 500
The number of Tuning Setups you can store has increased to 500
The number of photos you can store has increased to 150


It is necessary to increase the “The number of Tuning Setups you can store has increased to 500” to 1500. I have a lot of cars and some I tune into 2-3 classes. Why set a limit?

Without the possibility of Tung in the game nothing to do!!!


This is too annoying! but wouldn’t be a solution to just use a tune instead of saving it? if you like it you can save it later
Just to clarify you can delete all the tunes and your car will still have the last tune you used it

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Did any of you reporting this “file saving” issue get any answers to fix this? Any resolution?

I am getting this message now when I try to save my car tunes - it won’t let me and gives me the message.

I have 724 cars - 62 saved tunes - 24 saved pictures - 2 Blueprints. So nothing close to the limit. I would guess that every car in everyones garage has a set tune when it comes - I am not clear if that tune contributes to the reported limit of 500 tunes. Logically that answer has to be no as many players have garages of 750 cars once they have been playing for 5 months as I have.

So my 62 tunes are ones that I have created and saved to my cars. Certainly at the beginning of the game I was saving tunes from other players when in the Setup Manager. So add another…I really don’t know…200 tunes. I can easily say that I have not used/driven 500 of my cars from my garage. So 262 saved tunes against a limit of 500 - even round it up to 300 - I should have room for 200 more tunes.

What am I missing here? Can anyone help me out?


I’m getting the same problem the only difference is I can’t sell any cars in the auction it says to many saves delete some deleted all tunes and over 300 car designs my save file is 188 mb is this a normal size

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Just hit my “limit“ on tunes. Really shocked they still haven’t made this issue easier to deal with. I have over 700 cars, so now I need to go through each car to find which has more than one tune to be deleted. I swear I spend more time in this game having to micromanage versus actually driving.

Add tune management somewhere that doesn’t require getting into each car or something. Might be time for another tune increase - the file size need for each is going to be very small.

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I just ran into that problem too. IGN BlackBullBmx playing on pc. Owning more than 700 cars and cant believe that this issue even excist in a game where u can have so many cars. I will file a complaint and put a ticket up regarding this issue im really dissapointed.

I’ve run into this issue…again!

I currently have 734 cars and have been going through my garage and painstakingly creating and sharing my “Ultimate Tunes” for all my cars (multiple tunes for some cars).

However, I have hit my tune limit again!

Looking in my “Creative Hub” shows I’ve shared only 429 so far, so I must have 71 unshared or other users tunes.

Is there any way other than loading up each car individually to see what tunes each car has?

Also, are the developers gonna increase the limit on tunes any time soon or even at all?

With some cars, I like to have two tunes, for instance S1+S2 or B700+A800, so can envisage requiring a lot more tune spaces than is currently available.

In an ideal world the limit would be 1500 or even 1250 for hardcore OCD tuners, but 1000 would probably go a long way to help.

IMHO, I think the current 500 limit on tunes and also “Designs” is woefully unacceptable in light of the fact there are way more than 500 unique vehicles in the game.

Also, I feel that better “Sort”, “Filter” and file management options in the “Creative Hub” would be great too, with the ability to see/separate/delete personal tunes from those that have been downloaded previously.

How in the world is this post marked as answered??? Started 8 months ago and still no solution? Are you kidding me? The thing that really grinds my gears is the fact that consumers are the new beta testers. So tired of developers releasing sub-par products and still not fix the issue even a year later. I’ve paid for this. Unf**king believable!

Now the only solution I know of this issue is to get into every car that I have downloaded a tune for and delete tunes in order to further tune my rides. I didn’t even get passed all of the A’s manufacturers before I got pissed and quit the damn game. I have all of the expansions and a 100% achievements and I am done. Games are supposed to be fun! Challenging but still fun! Not aggravating, frustrating, or whatever this is supposed to be but I know one thing…it’s not freaking fun. With the game not starting, crashing continuously, and these stupid bugs…I think I might go back to my hiatus with gaming because after a 3-year absence thinking gaming would have gotten better due to technology, knowledge, and experience. Unfortunately, it’s the polar opposite. Super disappointing. :frowning:

the part that annoys me is having to delete 3 photos every time want to save one with only 45 shared how is that 150 photos? and if marked as answered means less reading for person whos job it is to do so,

I won the new BMW yesterday and went to get a tune for it and the message popped up TO MANY TUNING SAVES DELETE SOME. so i sold a few cars on the AH and deleted some from my garage. about 50 cars all up. guess what still wont let me put a tune on any car. weirdly if i delete a tune from an existing car in my garage then i can add a new tune to a car. anyone else seen this BUG / GLITCH before ?