You guys and gals think oneof the expansion packs will take place in taxmainia?

It a sub island to the country. I say anything possible.

Maybe and given that most water in the game is about 6 inches deep we can probably drive there.


It’s a good candidate, for sure. NZ would be another, or the SW coast around Perth…

I’m hoping it will include the Bathurst race track from Forza Motorsport. How awesome would it be to drive to the track, smash out some laps and leave.


Would it be awesome? Absolutely! Will it happen? I seriously doubt it.

This would be spectacular. And given the more grand scope of this Horizon over the prior 2, we just never know.

But, i won’t hold my breath on it as awesome as it would be.

FH2 recreated “France” without LeMans, and “Italy” without Monte Carlo, I wouldn’t hold my breath.