Yet Another Accolade Bug! AMG M12S Warthog Lose A 250,000 Skill Chain!

This game is getting beyond a joke right now!

Under the SKILLS Accolade section:

I have purposely broken 3 x skill chains well in excess of 250,000 points and this still hasn’t popped!

One was a plain old skill chain and the other two were amassed by taking advantage of a Skill Song x 10 multiplier

Anyone else tried this challenge/accolade?

Am I missing something obvious?

I used a S2 upgraded Warthog should that be of any importance.

FH5 really is a test for those of us with borderline OCD who like to complete every little thing in a game.

I get that some people don’t really care about the little things in the game, but for those that do, these should be doable at the first attemp and not at some time in the future if the devs decide to fix the issue.

Absolute joke of a game!

Does it need to be base score of 250k?

I am just guessing.

Hopefully someone can confirm either way, but I hope not as that Warthog is a piece of junk for building up any kind of skill score quickly.

All other Skills Score Accolades can be achieved/awarded during skill songs, so I imagine the same should happen here.

I’ve tried with both (with/without skill song) for this one and can confirm neither work.

This is an annoying one, but not as annoying as the Drift accolades which are bugged at the moment like the Dodge Drift & Hoonicorn accolades which are actually a bit more challenging (not going to lie the Dodge Drift took me a good 10-15 attempts I’m not that good at drifting, when I got it my heart sank as it didn’t register :joy::man_facepalming:t2:)


Someone at FH5 HQ must enjoy playing with peoples’ heads!

Tried it again after SatNiteEduardo suggested it might be 250,000 base score, so 15 minutes of boring highway back and forth and 237,000 base score and the game froze and went back to the Xbox menu.

What an absolute POS garbage!

Should never have been released in it’s current form!

Have you seen the current list of known bugs?

This wasn’t on the list and I’ll guess there will be plenty more as well.

Turn 10 should be ashamed of themselves!

use some “10sp in 30s” fom eventlab

Oh btw wasn’t basescore here. Cranked up multiplier to 5x and after reaching >50k was hitting some tree

Comleted here while ago (before hotfix). Used some random tune and was jumping around and hit some tree after reaching 250k. But did the other accolade before “Unlock masterytree in warthog” no idea if it makes diff

I tried this and it worked for me first time, can’t remember if I had a skill song playing or not though.

What do you mean base score, you mean regardless of multiplier? I definitely didn’t get that high, mine would have either been 25k x 10 or 50k x 5.

I also unlocked all the mastery tree, but I don’t think I did it first. Could try that to rule it out though.

This game is incredibly buggy.

Yeahvi meant 250k x 5 but sounds like its not that.

it’s 250k total score so it’s either 25kx10 or 50kx5
did it by accident btw

On PC with the Microsoft Store version there was no problem for me with the Warthog accolade. Did at the last seconds of a skill point song so 25k x 10 did the trick. I hit a power pole btw. Did the car tree acolade before too. So I had to hit that pole twice ^^

yep bugged too, did it about 4 times and nothing even pinned it and nothing. Honestly this game is trash, it has let the Forza franchise down in a massive way! pity

Just to add, I’ve done this challenge. Think I did it whilst a skill song was playing and went well over what was required before crashing and dropping the points.

Do it without singing skills 50000 * 5 = 250000 and when you reach this number, hit the root or something to lose only what you collected ^^

You need the skill to be 250,000

NOTE: the skill multiplier does NOT count!!

I just did this yesterday and it worked fine.

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Can CONFIRM this!

I tried numerous times doing it by the multiplier (getting 50k+ score with 5x multi) and it did not complete once the chain was broken. Than I tried 250,000 chain with a x5 multi then crashing. Even with Energy Shielding perk active the accolade was completed on the first attempt.

Now I see why people are saying 250k.

They are jumping from 50 to 250k.

Mine unlocked with 100k x 5.

First time doing this since my OP and just came back to say that if anyone is struggling to get this, a gamer named “MADDOGLER” created a blueprint “Warthog Smash 500k” (Share Code: 100 385 663).

Just make sure you crash into the steel stanchion/post just before the finish line. If your Warthog has the “Energy Shield” (Extra Life) Skill Point, run into something early on, so you can still accumulate 100,000 points (x 5 multiplier).

Dead easy!

Hi, code does not bring anything.