Yesterday's trial

So yesterday I ran the Christmas Barbecue weekly trial. My blue teammates spent the whole time in the three races interfering with each other, while the red team sailed off into the distance. During those three races not one blue team member scored so much as a single point. Nice work, guys.

I was doing the Trial for a fair few hours yesterday , mainly for fun, but also to help others who had idiot racers like you did.

Had one where the person was trying to smash me into the wall all the time. Was quite funny because they failed every time and i won every race no matter how hard they tried :slight_smile:

Hope you got it in the end. I found this weeks Trial to be good.

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Ran it earlier today. So half the team was untuned. And only one car other than me knew how to take a turn. Not a good course for that. With no barriers to keep you in a turn, I just got pushed way wide into a building. So yeah, fun.

The only reason we won at all was because most AI seems to get caught up somewhere. They started ahead…but about halfway to three-quarters, just fell back and back to the end.

I need to retune to give it a better shot…but right now, just not feeling the event.

I’ve wondered if the game uses any sort of metrics about players when forming the groups for the trial. I haven’t been on the losing team in any trial for quite a while, maybe 2 months, something like that. I quite often end up in a team that has one or more people who are a similar speed to me, and who drive very politely around other humans.

Must be something to do with the time you do the trial I think. I’ve not seen anyone I’d consider a top standard in trials I’ve done for a long time. I’m pretty sure it’s totally random.

I wonder too, a little. For the two years I’ve been playing I’ve raced almost exclusively against AI, up a long learning curve since this is my first significant racing game. I now run against pro and unbeatable AI and rarely fail to place first. I started running the weekly trials a couple months ago, just for something different to do, and I almost always start in 12th position for the first race. Would that be because I don’t run live races and don’t have any kind of ranking?