Yes, I think Forza 5 it is/was great! But what about the future.

Reason for saying was, in the title is because FH2 is here and that means F5 has to take a backseat. (You know this to be true, sadly)
But I must say that I have played FM5 A LOT and it still manages to entertain me. The best part for me, being, the new physics combined
with the new controller (still waiting on a desend wheel :frowning: .) Also the graphics are really unrivaled, they just are.

I always considered FM5 to be a new breeding ground for a better Forza Motorsport future. Quite early I accepted the amount of content
being ready from launch and that isn’t a problem anymore. Anyone who still complains about this honoustly doesn’t know the amount of
work that has been done and has been delivered.

In the meantime I will switch over to Project CARS of F2014, till FM6 is here. But reason for this topic is that I wanna here about your ideas.

Forza, where dreams are fueled. Any one wanna fuel the dream for FM6 with me?