XSRCdesign's race "inspired" paints

Just starting to get my logos built up in 5, took me a bit to want to do it again after making them in 4. No where as good as some of you but I’m having fun!

Some prett good stuff here but I would try to avoid stock fonts and logos in the future. This latest Camaro is by far your best. Keep painting and they will get better and better your off to a solid start.

What do you mean? Like the numbers?

Liking the RX7.


some cool designs on here mate. i like the fighter styler paints

Thanks guys, threw a quick gulf theme on the newbie

the gulf mustang looks great, gulf racing and ford as always looked rite!!

Have been messing with this one for a bit


I really like that Camaro mate, perhaps my favorite of yours yet. Awesome work here, keep it up.

Tweaked my Sunoco camaro design a bit

The Camaro looks quite nice mate, well done here.