XP gained by type of car

In online racing I typically drive my favorite car, for S1 this is the F1. And I drive very well with it but my leaderboard results are confusing. Against a full board I can come in 1st or 2nd, 2 out of 4 races and do pretty decent the other two. After each race I keep noticing I don’t get as much XP as everyone else… and with that car I usually come in at the bottom overall. But with my 92 Honda NSX for example I can race against the same board and come in 1st after 4. Again driving well but I’ve noticed quite a big difference in XP gained after each race using a “lesser car” and I’ve noticed the same thing about others. The Ferraris and Lambos Rarely take the championship and I want to know if it’s just me or there is something behind this. Maybe the thought hasn’t occured to anyone… But has anyone seen odd things with the amount of XP gained by what car they drive? I’m not talking about HE cars. Talking about upgrading lower class cars to be supercars

Just to emphasize my point, a S1 class 1946 wagon took 1st place in what was mostly street racing against a full board of supercars by more than 20,000 points.

I have no clue, mate. My impression is that XP is depending on played time, placement, perks and skill xp. Personally, I don’t think there’s a difference between a tuned-C-to-S1 and a “natural” S1 of the same performance index, xp-wise. Don’t forget the travels between races, skilling big chains instead of only getting first to the target can make quite a difference. Before the last big patch good drifters could easily beat a clean driver who placed 1st in the race.

Had your Honda the same performance index as your McLaren? Were it really the same guys you drove against (another round of 4 races)? Was you driving style different (more drift, less broken XP chains etc.)?