XP farm prestige 10

Hello, I keep seeing players who have already reached prestige 10 lvl 2999. I wonder how you can do it so quickly. Is there any trick there? I have played 321 hours so far and that is really a lot and I only achieved prestige 6 although I specifically farm xp.

They are cheater.
I saw these people since launch day

Those are hacked accounts. People are openly selling them in Forza FB groups and on reddit.

OK. I thought either there is more XP somewhere and I missed something or they play 24 hours a day in shifts

I don’t think prestige 10 lvl 2999 was even feasible if you abused the auto drive exploit 24/7 before it was patched. In which case it would be interesting to know if these players get reported do they get auto banned? Why is player reporting even necessary. Couldn’t they query their backend and do a mass ban?

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