XP boards Hints & Spoilers

I bought the treasure map like I usually do for the Horizon Series so that I can quickly get the Fast Travel boards and save some money on that and as well pick up the XP boards to help leveling up. However I’ve noticed there are a couple located XP boards that I’m clearly driving over the location on the map and even looking around quite a bit and they are nowhere to be found. I know from past experiences sometimes that means it’s above or below you but the ones I’m having issues with are out in the middle of the desert area where there is no elevation below or above it’s simply just that area. Has anyone else experienced this? The couple that I’m having issue with her in the northern part of the map.

All 150 boards can be found. As you noted, not all boards are at ground level. You just have to find the way…

Do you want a spoiler?

don’t mind spoilers that’s why I bought the treasure map I enjoy racing I’m not one of those people that likes the mysteries of boards. The one I’m looking for is Southwest of the park satellite array there’s an XP bored that’s right on the freeway and then there’s one just a tiny bit Southwest of that. The second one just off the freeway is the one I can’t seem to locate there is definitely no elevation change there. I could upload a picture if I knew how.

Yeah, I got the treasure map too and noticed that I couldn’t find an XP board located in a huge open field above the Redstone Airport, on the Outback. Quite strange because I searched like crazy to find any possible underground access, which seemed impossible, as this board is (or at least should be) in the middle of nowhere.

For the Outback field board, followthetraintracksfromthewest


Thanks this helped haha I was searching onto of the tunnel. I was like this must be a bug but nope its under ground haha!

I don’t believe there are any train tracks near this one we might be talking about two different ones. basically I am in between ormiston Gorge and parkes satellite array. south of there if you look at the river it has a big bend if you go directly south of that Big Bend you will see an XP board located right on the freeway. that one is accessible. then if you go just a tiny bit south and west of that board there’s one located basically in a clearing where some trees are and there is absolutely no board there. I have looked around multiple times even use the Drone it is just not there

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Yes, that one is accessible by following the train tracks from the west.

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Okay got it thanks for that, pretty dumb on my part.

omg thank you that was bugging me for a while

You’re not alone, I and some other moderators were scouring the landscape for that one and almost reported it as a bug. :slight_smile: But it’s a funny surprise when you realize how to get to it.

Need some help came across a bunch on top of stuff that i cant jump or get a car too any help?

Boards in narrow gaps can be reached with small cars like Abarth.
Boards on tops of structures are reached by jumping from hills around the area - try a high powered buggy like the Ariel Nomad since road cars can become unstable in offroad terrain before the jump.
You will also have to jump the cliff at the beach.

There is one back in that canyon I have no idea how to get to. Map shows it’s there, but I can’t even see it high or low.

There’s a path on the northern side of the canyon that leads behind the rocks.

There isn’t any hills around this one.

think outside the box :slight_smile:

found a 20k XP board on top of a stack of unbreakable crates. I kept looking for a ramp or jump that would get me there, then instead jumped onto the roof of a nearby building and dropped down off that. I do enjoy the search :slight_smile:

How do i get to the XP board in the middle of the lake in kiewa valley.

There is a shallow road that goes out to island. Easier to find in daylight I think.

There is a shallow path on the northwest side of the lake I used a raptor to cross it but don’t deviate and you’ll sink in the lake. It is the lightest part of the lake in the map