XP and Perfect/Good Turns etc

I got another Beamer FE and upgraded it then set about mainly the handling of the car so it is now an R817 and 100HP less than my other one. After about 4 hours on the Nord(Full Circut) testing and tweaking, I did a 4 lap race. Set to unbeatable I didn’t expect to win and knew I was in trouble when I saw the Veyron about two cars ahead of me on the starting grid but off we went. I was right I didn’t win and come in 8th/24 but the Good Turn and Perfect Turn was pinging off like a strobe light the whole race. My other Beamer while it takes off like a scolded cat it struggles with such luxuries like stopping and turns, while I do get some I don’t think sideways around every corner counts even if you win or place. I had no mods in for such a short race but managed 260’000 payout and 2 level ups (nearly 3) so it was another 40’000 and two cars(Still have the free ones on rotate). Got me thinking these perfect turns and good turns etc must add a bit to the XP in a race actually quite a bit more than I expected. Even with the upgrades this car nearly paid for itself in one 4 lap race.

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