XP accelerator

I currently have 4730hrs and 48 mins of XP accelerator bonus left, the strange thing is I’ve never paid for any and by my reckoning that would cost me around £4000. Just turned the game on tonight and it was there. Has anybody else had this happen and can I expect T10 to try billing my paypal?

Doubt it seriously because you haven’t purchased it, have you? There were a couple other reports of a similar thing happening, and I think it is just a hiccup.

Nah I didn’t really think I’d get billed, just wasn’t sure as I have obviously been using it because you don’t have a choice not to once it’s there. If the bank accidentally put 4 grand in my account and I spent it they’d want it paying back.

My buddy had this happen to him, it was all gone the next time he signed in.

Better run some laps of indy oval before I go to bed then lol

Or just leave your console on over night :smiley: