XP Accelerator

I purchased the 30 minutes option today not realising that it counts down whether you’re in game, off the console or sat in a lobby. I thought it’d be like COD double XP (MW3 for example), you used a prestige token to activate double XP, but the time only decreases when you’re actually in a match. I activated this while in a tag lobby, no confirm button, i clicked it and wam! The clocks ticking. After an 8 minute tag virus game, i accept my winnings etc, then it says i have 16 minutes left, all the loading screens deducted quite allot of time from the counter.

My original thought was to do two 20 lap races on indy with the Lotus E21 (bought VIP yesterday and received this), but obviously all the loading screens in-between coming from multiplayer and setting the free-play race up, deducted another 2 minutes, at this point i have 14 minutes left, i thought i could do 20 laps in that time, wrong (14:37:00).

It doesn’t bother me that much (anger wise), but i brought it up so we could raise the issue and maybe get it changed, the XP accelerator is a great idea, but it’s, well… poorly executed if you like. If it got changed so that the timer only counts down when in-game racing, i think it’d appeal to people allot more than it currently does. I only got my Xbox one beginning of this week, so i’m still learning stuff about this game and the console itself, but so far i’m impressed by Forza 5, the rewards system is great, been collecting rewards for months now, so when i loaded up Forza 5 for the first time i had 3,000,000 waiting for me. Also i like the freedom to convert cars drive-trains, engines, aspiration etc, got some crazy setups for my cars.

This is in the FM5 FAQ: http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postsm67078_Forza-Motorsport-5---Game-FAQ.aspx#post_67078