xInverno's - Photo Gallery - 10/20/16

Its here finally!
Time to fire up Photo Mode and lets get this awesome year of Forza going!
I hope to keep this update when ever I create a new shot!

I hope you guys enjoy my shots!

PS: I used to go by IRTwinky… Changed my GT recently!

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Marvelous pics for first shots!

Nice start! I really like the colors in the first two.

Thanks ! :slight_smile:

Thanks NV!

A few from last night.

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Love that warthog shot. Awesome photos!

Nice shots! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys! :smiley:

I am looking forward to seeing how your style will develop over time. Because while it is good to see that your looking at the layout a little bit in a shot like this. I feel it would be better if the overall shot had a bit more balance. Instead of filling most of the frame up with the car. And while certain types of shots, that contain only a car as the only visible thing do not need to be zoomed out. Like a close up focusing on one or few things for example.

It is a different story in the shot mentioned by me due to it having both a car and scenery in frame. And due to this. I feel it would of looked cleaner if a little bit more scenery could be seen. While also having the car a bit further away from the lens by either decreasing zoom or a slightly different position. Aside from that. It will be interesting to see how your next update turns out.

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Nice shot! If it was me I would’ve toned the color down a bit but that’s just my opinion. Keep going :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the input Pebb! I value what you said. I’ve always tried to focus on the car in a shot than the background scenery. I will take what you said and put into my new few shots to see how they turn out! :slight_smile:

Thanks NV! My monitor has a lack of color due to its aging life… I didnt notice how colorful it was until I looked it on my main… It is a bit to high.

Loving this,

Update 9/28/16

I took some advice I received and applied it to these 4 shots. I do have to say I really enjoy these.

Great start on the gallery

Beautiful shot!

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Thanks NV! :slight_smile:

A few shots from the past weekend… Dang work is keeping me from Forza!

Very good shots, that C63 looks real :0

Love the aggressive look in the second shot :slight_smile:

I would love to see this one do well in one of the photomode contest weeks.

Thanks for all the love on my recent shots!
A few more from the past weekend. And a cheeky Silva shot from all the hype. :stuck_out_tongue:

Really like the Silvia shot, but not so keen on the low res, last gen headlights that T10 supplied.