xI Rooobbb Gallery

Just some random photo’s I’ve taken in FM6, more to come!

Hopefully I’ll get some tips on how to improve…


That’s a strong start! I really really like the Porsche shot. Great dark contrasting there. One tip I’d definitely put your way is to try and avoid any vignette if possible. Not entirely sure how I’d describe it but I guess I’d say that vignette makes photos look unnatural. But again, great start! :slight_smile:

Thanks Sagaris. Had a look through your gallery too, awesome shots! I’ll keep the vignette thing in mind when I take some more shots.

Just a quick wet race shot…

That night shot and the wet race shot are awesome


Nice work on those!

I really like the creative styling of this photo. Great work!

Agreed, keep them coming.

+1 awesome job! I would like to see what other creative shots you can make!

Thanks guys!

Just 2 quick shots. As you can see, I’m a Subaru fan haha

Nice work on those!

+1, looking forward to next update :slight_smile: