[XboxOne] Demo crashes at startup

Just finished downloading the demo on my Xbox and everytime i try to launch it crashes and i get send back to the dashboard. Restartet my XBox, cleared the cash but nothing helps.
I dont think its a problem on my end because others on computer also have a problem at startup. Any infos/help would be appreciated.


What Xbox Are you on? how much free space do you have on your Hard Drive? Have you tried to hard restart the xbox by disconnecting the power completely? Please email forzafb@microsoft.com so we can get further information from you.


Hey Nitro Glitter thanks for the reply. Im still on a day one Xbox One (model 1540), i have 50.2 GB free space (just the internal drive) and yes i did a hard restart.
I guess it could be important for you to know that im in the Xbox One preview program (version rs5_release_xbox_dev_1810.180907-1908).
Should i just send an email with all the above informations?

I have send all the necessary infos via email but didnt get an answer or any help.

Do we know more what causes the problem? As far as i have seen all other people with the same problem are on PC and not on XBox.

Nitro Glitter are you here? Anything?

I was able to solve my problem, after completly resetting my Xbox to delivery condition (including initial setup) the game started without any problems.

So does this mean you had to redownlaod everything back onto your Xbox?

No. If you reset your Xbox you have an option to reset it without deleting the games and apps. You just have to go through the initial setup, i had around 10-15 minutes and was back to the dashboard.
Only backside so far is i have to redo all my settings and background image but thats something for tomorrow, now its playtime.
Hopefully it solves your problem too.

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