Xbox360 Threads getting Mod locked

Please explain why people with the freedom of speech and using Xbox 360 are voicing their distaste for getting shafted by FH2, Forza, Turn 10 and Sumo Digital are getting their threads “MOD Locked”?

If your going to screw a huge user base over and know you did, then man up and face the music!! Locking the threads and pretending we don’t exist is only making yourselves look worse than you already did with shafting us with our version of FH2.

The least you could do is apologize and realize your choices weren’t very smart and bit you in the butt!! You made a ton of players mad and not want anything to do with your products anymore and your solution is to lock their threads & ignore us. Yet another distasteful way to further irritate your followers and make them wash their hands of you!!


It’s simply thread management. This thread is open: