Xbox360 Horizon 2 - Gamertags

Hi couldn’t find a thread on here for it so started one, sorry if there is one already.

As beating speed cameras is the best way to earn quick cash I’d like to start adding friends to my friends list so we can compete for Camera’s, I don’t always hammer through every speed camera as fast as possible, I cruise through some so my wife has a chance of beating some of my scores (She beat 6 of my cameras in just 8 minutes ;-( )

Please add Gamertags on Xbox 360 to this thread if you want to join in.

I’ll start.

Gamertag - neverender123
My Wife’s - angelhoney666
My Son’s - bebeonmat123

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Just sent you a Friends Request. Speed cameras, here I come!!

I’m in on this. Will send you fr.

Both added thanks :wink:

Is there any more Xbox 360 players?

Add me [X360] HenryODLetton, for online free roam.

DriftWorkss add me for online cruise meet


HTD Dawg
I spend most of my time in rivals mode, and my leaderboard times are the shizzle

Add me 4 drag digs and rollz

my gt is ninevoltlaxbro add me mostly to compete for speed traps.

Add me on Xbox360
Gamertag:Every Day 3