[Xbox1X] Cloud Load/Sync/Save. Error (0x80831002)

Hi guys

I’ve been having game loading/syncing/saving issues since Wednesday 30/01/19. Error message (0x80831002) informing me of a problem with the game save. I’ve carried out all the suggested requirements to try and rectify it. I have submitted a ticket.
This was causing such an unstable gaming session that it probably wouldn’t last for more than an hour, without me having to delete local, reboot, re-sync and start again.
Now the game doesn’t even attempt to sync. ‘load failed - an unknown error occurred. Please try later’. Rip.
Is this happening to any of you guys? Is it a Microsoft server thing? Xbox live again? Or is it just me?

Thank you

Turns out it was hardware failure. New console on board. Existing game save working as intended.