XBox X/S and G923 wheel autocorrecting

I’ve had issues using a wheel on the XBox S.

When driving and causing a drift, the steering wheel forces to hold the wheel pointing into the drift like you would in real life. This oscillates until the vehicle straightens up again. So to have the vehicle steer under your control, you have to fight this AI physically because it’s controlling what you are holding.

This also effects driving straight in the road as the wheel will automatically decide to steer drastically one way, then back again another way until it straightens out where it wants to go (never where a path is leading). Mostly though the snap back causes the driver to steer quickly back the other way passing center so there is this quick jiggle instead of the car driving straight where it’s pointed like it would in real life.

I have looked at all of the settings that I can think of to prevent auto steering and excessive wheel forces. So either I have missed a few, or there is a sticky setting which even though I’ve set could be in opposite effect.

I’m open to all settings that would control this behavior so that I can verify that It’s set as expected. Please suggest if it seems obvious so I can confirm the setting isn’t causing the necessary modifications.

I hooked it up for two days to a PC running Windows 11. I haven’t once had this issues when using the same configuration on the a PC as my profile for the wheel syncs between console and PC.

Hooking back to the XBox without moving the wheel causes it to behave erratically again.

I’m downloading Forza 4 on the XBox to see if the wheel behaves as expected within Forza 5.