Xbox X audio bug?

The audio will cut in half in the menus & during the middle of a race.

Sometimes the audio levels go back to normal within in the race or after the race.

Also anyones xbox x get hot when playing this game?

Mine shut off 3 times in 2hrs.

I’v only had my xbox x for 2 weeks now.


Yeah I’m getting the same sound issue. Driving me nuts.
I too have had a one x for 2 weeks. It does get warm but I’ve not had it shut off yet.

I haven’t heard any more sound oddities with either of my one x consoles than I had with the one s. No shutdowns either, and they’ve been in a few times 6-8 hours

What helps the audio issues is going into your Xbox settings, go to Audio, then change the chat/sound mixer. It’ll cut out and be odd when any other players talk/make noise (during multiplayer). Hopefully that helps a bit!


Thanks hombre, this fixed it for me :+1:t2:

If your Xbox is overheating this will cause audio/visual bugs and crashes to dashboard.

My Xbox One X and the S before it and the standard X1 all got quite warm when playing for several hours but I wouldn’t say it was really hot though. Depends what you mean by hot, my Sky TV box runs a lot hotter than it. And the X1 comes nowhere close to the temperature my laptop runs at when playing graphic intense games.

Have never had any of them shut down from over heating, though I have seen some friends machines doing it.
They never had enough ventilation round the machine though they had it squeezed in a unit sandwidched between another settop box and the side of the unit.

I would check you have at least 2cm of clearance round the entire machine to ensure adequate ventilation.
Do you have it standing vertically? this blocks one of the vents.
You could also check for dust although the X1X is only about a month old so that is highly unlikly to be the problem.

Also experience this issue… Most of the time in the League menu.

All mine stand vertically, no issues…