[Xbox] Vinyl Group creator glitched - HDR causes it

When attempting to create a new vinyl group, it seems it is glitched to unusable levels. No matter what I pick as a shape, the shape will only appear on the bar with all the options and never on the design grid. This is really, really odd. Anyone else experiencing this? Is there a fix?

EDIT: I have confirmed that HDR is what causes this glitch. Which is…odd.

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Same here. Even loading in a vinyl group I made on a car doesnt display in the vinyl editor.


I’m having this issue as well, but it isn’t isolated to FM7. It is doing the same thing on FH3, and I have no messages telling me I’ve been banned or anything.

Seems my boyfriend is not having this issue on his game, so I am not sure what is causing this problem. I don’t know if restarting my system would help or not, I really want a fix for this. Hopefully we can let Turn 10 know about this.

Is he playing on Xbox One S? Is he using a 4K tv? I’m with everyone else saying the layer shapes are no appearing. Someone told me to shut off my HDR 4K setting in the Xbox Visual Settings to undo this and make the layer shapes visable. Even loading old ones from the Forza 6 library don’t appear.

He has a non-4K television and an original Xbox One. If those things are what’s causing it, that will confuse me to no end.

Can anyone who is experiencing this provide a video of what you’re seeing so I can look into this? Thanks.

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So…I just recorded a gameclip for this very purpose and…the shapes are appearing IN the gameclip, but not in the game itself. o_o This is insanely bizzare.

The DVR in the Xbox does not pick up the glitch, I tried that and realized that it looked fine that’s why I took a video with my phone. Are you guys able to view that video? And to Brony’s point when I have the HDR option in the advanced video settings turned off to the box it works and the shapes/layer designs appear. A friend of mine told me the same thing happened in horizon 3…he also said they never fixed it, or he doesn’t think they ever did. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

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Sorry for the multiple posts, but I just switched off HDR and I can confirm that it is the issue. So, HDR seems to mess up the vinyl group thing, somehow. If you can, pass that along to the team.

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I really hope this and the incriminate by .02 issue more so gets lots of attention as far as needing fixed ASAP

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Been in F5 to make ame vinyls (because it all works properly) and the issue doesnt exist on that. Probably no HDR for the game itself, hence no vinyl editor problems. But just fyi.

I can confirm turning HDR off fixes the problem.