Xbox users beats PC users, why is this not fixed yet?

The issue being that if two players finish within a second of each other, the server will declare the Xbox user the winner, even when he is not.
Example: Forza Horizon 4 2019 03 13 17 20 20 Trim - YouTube
Now I KNOW, write a support ticket, but i did, back in March, the 13th i wrote support, #28071, and i got this reply, 3 days later:
"Hey Johnny,

I’ve seen this a few times. The guy who came in first was most likely playing on Xbox.
We are looking at why this is occurring, running theory is Xbox Live is prioritizing Xbox console service calls.

I will get back to you as soon as I have more information.

Thank you,"
And then ticket was closed, with no further comments.

Now im admin in a small club, and yesterday one of our member ran into this bug, 3 times in a row, ofcourse he was furious. But i was wondering, seeing as you were well aware of the issue back in march, why has this not been adressed yet?

Based on discussion during recent Playground Games livestreams, the answer would probably be: because identifying, fixing, testing, and deploying an update for any one issue takes time - more time than many players would expect, especially if the issue is in the hands of the Xbox Live team instead of the dev code team. Now multiply that by every other issue that has been raised and calculate the priorities against the entire community’s interest. How often does this particular issue affect the community as a whole, vs. other issues?

It’s not feasible to satisfy everyone’s timeline preference to address an issue, and it’s not reasonable to assume that one’s view of an issue as a player is more comprehensive than the dev’s with the data. Ultimately, once they’ve acknowledged the report, all there is to do is wait and see.

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Well in a negative way, i would say it affects everyone who plays online on a PC, potetially anyway. Im pretty sure Xbox users are not complaining.

Aha, so PC users loosing ranked races, because the server discriminates between platforms, is far down on the list, right, seems totally fair and balanced.

I wonder, would this affect other aspects of the game? Say a PC player and an Xbox player do a buy out on the same car at the same time in auction, Xbox wins?

I thought that my example proves it, he is no where to be seen. Example: Forza Horizon 4 2019 03 13 17 20 20 Trim - YouTube

Yes i did look at the times, but if the Server/Xbox Live is prioritizing Xbox console service calls, then what good is looking at the times? his call to the server has a greater priority than mine, so stands to reason his time will be lower than mine.

I’m on Xbox and have finished 1st in a race and it has declared me to be 2nd, so it’s not as simple as it favouring Xbox users over PC.


How hard it’s understand that is nothing to do platform that player is using (Many of us here forums know mutch more in this game than support guys knows how seems to struggle to undestand even basic game elements) it’s all abaout internet connection, i have bad internet connection and it’s dont matter do i play PC or Xbox my race launch usually way after that everybody else (for example i have been overtaked in ranked before my race even started)

And like i say previously race time is only thing that matter when game desides final positions and for everyone race time start ticking that moment their race start, you cross the finnish line first too bad is meanigless when somebody drive race faster than you. And you keep complaing that you finnish before him but i can beat you wont complain at all when race start and you overtake him before he’s race is even started.

Sounds good to me :smiley: Opposite would be worse. But how do you know you were first? Do you have his recording?

How abaout put this other way, why the **** PC users race launch way before than Xbox users? So no it’s not nothing to do that servers would favor Xbox users it’s just simply that it doent matter what your finnishing position is you can cross finnish line first but if somebody other race time is faster than yours you dont get win. So basicly online racing gaming in this game is just time attacking.


But with more random lag collisions.

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Did you look at the times on the board at the end? The guy who is in the end in first place, had the faster time, so apparently the issue actually is that the internet connection of one of them isnt working fine. It just LOOKS, like the player in place 2 won the race, while the other guy actually was faster.


You sent the movie of your game. Where is his game? He was faster so he won. Easy as that.

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Up to me confirming that case requires the video from Demon.

It’s not because you did not see him on the screen that he actually did not re-accelerate and passed you, the issue is possibly sync.

Second 7, the position of Demon is like frozen and still there is 0.04s between the two cars at finish line. This is not consistent with what was displayed, Demon was supposed to be stuck out of mini-map reach. My conclusion is that you finished the race without seeing Demon’s car but his car was there on his side and his console was able to sync race end.

Now again, that can only be confirmed or dismissed having the 2 videos.

Back to FH3, with club mates we had successfully record such sync issue in race causing one being pushed out of a bridge and making the jump of death while in the other screen there was not even close to a hit and suddenly the other car resync starting jump in the air.

I think we are close from the limits of what can be achieved on synchronizing data at worldwide scale.

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Lol. Soo let me get this straight. I am wrong, there is no issue, and when support says there is an issue, support has no idea what they are doing, but random_user_01, 02 and 03 on the forum, they know everything about what bugs this game has, and has not, do I have that right?

So, according to the forum, i can’t trust what i see, and according to support i can’t trust the server Either, seems to reduce online racing to one big roll of the dice…

Nice, no need to spend time online racing anymore.