[Xbox] Traction control keeps turning on after races.

So it happens several times, where after I finish the race, the dreaded TCR logo shows up in the Speedometer even though I always have it disabled in the difficulty, and it not a visual glitch, it actually cuts my power. But if i jump into the settings it says its off, and if I don’t click A on the difficulty menu, it won’t go away.


A Few other people in my club and myself have experienced this our selves in Online Adventure Races.

this is true. even TCR are turned off

You can turn it on and back off again to get it to work, but you have to do it for every race.

PC as well

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same here

Hppens even on PC, I have to re-disable it to get it turned off

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Is it really on or just the indicator flashing? It does light up even when turned off sometimes but I’m not sure whether there’s power cutoff when it happens. It feels as if it’s not turned off, but I’d have to confirm.

If I remember, when the indicator flashes the car stops wheelspinning and gains traction, so yeah it occurs when the indicator turns on.

Yep this is definitely a bug. I came here to post the same thing.

TCS seems to turn on after an event. In the options menu it is still set to TCS = ‘OFF’, but sure enough ingame you have the indicator on the Speedo and it interferes with your ability to wheelspin or break traction out of the top of 2nd gear and on gravel, dirt, mud. It’s 100% back on. To disable again you need to go into the options and set it to ON, save, and then set it back to OFF.


Happened to me the 2nd time now after a dirt race at Derwent, Reservoir-Race.
The race was in Classic Rally category in a Lancia Stratos, but I don’t think car and track matters.
It just happens randomly.

This and the sound issues are quite annoying.